University Of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission 2022

University Of Agriculture Faisalabad Admission 2022 University Of Agriculture ( UAF), Faisalabad announced admission 2022 university-of-agriculture-UAF-Faisalabad-announced-admission for Undergraduate BS Programs UAF Agriculture University Admission 2022  Online Internship at ASEAN Foundation 2022 may now apply online to the ASEAN Foundation.  The University Of Agriculture Faisalabad has announced that admission is open for the session 2022. Applications are being accepted from Local students, students from Pakistani overseas, and International students to apply for two Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Programs.

University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) Admissions 2022


Pre-Admission Notice for 2nd entry test for admission in a first-degree program for the academic session, 2022-23. Internships in communications will be given to selected applicants.  University of Agriculture Faisalabad (UAF) recently announced admission and entry test dates 2022 for those who qualify.

UAF Admissions Portal

The ASEAN Foundation’s communications team is led by the director of communications and is looking for new candidates to participate in an internship. We are seeking an individual for the ASEAN Foundation’s communications team, which is directed by the director of communications. It is the ASEAN Foundation was established to aid members of the ASEAN community in its growth.

UAF – Online Admission Portal

University Of Agriculture


The date of the registration for the 2nd Entry Test has been extended up to 18/07/2022. 

دوسرے انٹری ٹیسٹ کے لیے رجسٹریشن کی تاریخ 18/07/2022 تک بڑھا دی گئی ہے۔ کوئی اضافی وقت نہیں دیا جائے گا، امیدوار کو تمام رسمی کارروائیاں مکمل کرنی ہوں گی اور صرف اس وقت کے اندر اپنی رول نمبر سلپ پرنٹ کرنا ہوگی۔

How To Apply Online for University Of Agriculture Faisalabad Admissions 2022:

The Internship program is not limited to certain fields or students from certain universities with nationality. It is a part of the ASEAN Foundation that was created to aid the ASEAN community in development. The ASEAN Foundation’s online job program is open for students looking to enhance their experiences in the comfort of their homes.


UAF Faisalabad Admission

This ASEAN Foundation online internship duration is between 8 weeks and 24 weeks. Students who are selected will be employed by ASEAN Foundation as communications interns. They need to be knowledgeable about methods of communication. Interns must be aware of the way that younger generations communicate.

Apply Online Admission 2022

International students enrolled under Chinese government scholarship programs (hereinafter known as scholarship students) will be placed in Chinese Higher Education Institutions (or Chinese research institutes deemed through the Ministry of Education of P. R. The applicants who have been selected will be working as communications interns.

UAF Admission 2022 Offered Programs

UAF is recognized internationally for its high-quality research-intensive educational programs in the field of agricultural engineering, water resources food and nutrition, animal and environmental sciences. University of Agriculture Faisalabad skilled faculty are striving to keep its current status, which is an award for the residents of Faisalabad.

UAF Admission 2022 Offered Programs

Agriculture University Faisalabad Admission

The internship is not limited to specific fields or students from certain universities that are national. Students and candidates from Diverse fields can apply for the internship without the restriction of any nationality in this program. university-of-agriculture-UAF-Faisalabad-announced-admission. university-of-agriculture-UAF-Faisalabad-announced-admission.


An enthusiastic and dedicated communications intern is needed to support all ASEAN Foundation efforts. The UAF offers admissions for 2022 in diverse disciplines, including BA, BSc BSc(Hons), BS, B.Ed, MA, M.ed MSc MSc (Hons), MS, M.Phil and Ph.D. degrees.  The admission form 2022 is needed for admission to the University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

agriculture university faisalabad

Agriculture University Faisalabad Admission 2022 Undergraduate Admissions 2022-23

The ASEAN Foundation’s initiatives require a significant amount of visibility, and its results should be shared with more people.  The duration of your internship is between 8 and 24 weeks. university-of-agriculture-UAF-Faisalabad-announced-admissions.

UAF Admission 2022 Offered Programs

Bachelor Admissions
BSc Agriculture BBA
BSc Seeds Science & Technology BBA Agricultural Business
BSc Animal Science BS Computer Sciences
BSc Agronomy BS Software Engineering
BSc Soil Science Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm-D)
BSc Plant Breeding Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
BSc Horticulture Bachelor of Education
BSc Plant Pathology Associate Degree in Education
BSc Entomology BS Information Technology
BSc Forestry BSc Environmental Science
BSc Range Management & Wildfire BSc Food Science and Nutrition
BSc Agricultural & Resource Economics BSc Microbiology
BS Bio Information BSc Food Science & Technology
Associate Degree in Feed Technology BSc Genetics
BSc Agricultural Science BSc Biotechnology
BSc Poultry Science BSc Agricultural and Resource Economics
BSc in Human Nutrition & Dietetics BSc Food Engineering
BSc Home Economics BSc Energy System Engineering
BSc Textile Technology Associate Degree in Farm Management
Master Admissions
MSc Agriculture Economics MA Fine Arts
MSc Statistics MSc Food Safety and Quality Management
MSc Chemistry MSc Food Service Management
MSc Physics PGD Food Safety & Controls
MSc Chemistry MBA
MSc Biochemistry MBA Executive
MSc Environmental Science MS Management
MSc Environmental & Resource Economics MS Marketing
MSc Rural Sociology MS Computer Science (MS-CS)
MSc Computer Sciences MSc Home Economics
MS Software Engineering MSc Horticulture
MS Networking MSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics
MS Databases MSc Development Economics
MSc Livestock Management MSc Economics
MSc (Hons) Rural Development MSc Botany
Postgraduate Diploma in Floriculture and Landscape MSc Zoology
PhD Microbiology PhD Horticulture
PhD Food Technology PhD Plant Breeding & Genetics
PhD Physics PhD Agricultural Economics
PhD Development Economics PhD Animal Breeding & Genetics
PhD Economics PhD Animal Nutrition
Ph.D. Environmental & Resource Economics PhD Poultry Science
Ph.D. Water Resource Engineering PhD Theriogenology
Ph.D. Chemistry PhD Agricultural Engineering
Ph.D. Biochemistry Ph.D. Botany
Ph.D. Livestock Management Ph.D. Ecology
Ph.D. Environmental Science Ph.D. Zoology
Ph.D. Rural Sociology Ph.D. Agricultural Extension
PhD Genetics PhD Parasitology
PhD Pathology PhD Plant Pathology
PhD Clinical Medicine & Surgery PhD Soil Science
PhD Physiology PhD Forestry
PhD Pharmacology PhD Agronomy
PhD Agriculture Economics PhD Crop Physiology
PhD Human Nutrition & Dietetics
Diploma & Other Programs
Diploma in Livestock Assistant Certificate Machine Embroidery
Diploma in Poultry Assistant Certificate Paper Quilling
Diploma in Agriculture Sciences Certificate Bag & Clutch Making
Diploma in Gardeners Course Certificate Industrial Stitching
Diploma in Mushroom Cultivation Certificate Mehndi Designing
Diploma in Polytunnel Farming Certificate Rug Making
Certificate Graphic Designing Certificate Cooking
Diploma in Computer-Aided Design for Landscape Certificate Dough Flower Making
Certificate Dress Designing Certificate Professional Beauty
Certificate Fashion & Textile Designing Certificate Self Grooming
Certificate Painting Certificate R-Embroidery
Diploma in Cutting and Stitching


The term of the internship can range between eight and twenty-four weeks. It’s good to know that the ASEAN Foundation online Internship is available now.  The MOE welcomes outstanding students, scholars, and teachers from around the world to pursue research and studies in China!

ASEAN Foundation Internship online

University Of Agriculture Faisalabad Contact Number

Phone +92 41 9200161-70
Fax +92 41 9200764
Email [email protected]
Affiliation HEC Recognized
Address University of Agriculture, Agriculture University Road, Faisalabad, Pakistan. Zip Code 38000.

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