Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2022

If the applicant does not need a search service and the cost to pay for it will be Rs. 1000 plus Rs. 4500 or 9000 government fee per class to prepare and file the application for a trademark. The law in Pakistan the registration of trademarks is preferred so that relief and injunctions can be granted without difficulty should a trademark conflict with one or be utilized by another. Although registration of a trademark is not required, trademark registration offers guaranteed advantages to the owner of the trademark registered over a trademark that is not registered.

Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2022

Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2022 Once the required fees have been paid and registration fees, the process of registering a trademark in India begins with the examination of the mark to determine whether the mark will be granted registration and if no similar mark has been filed or sought. This is a critically vital role, as even a tiny error or otherwise could sabotage all attempts to register a trademark.

Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2022

It’s a complex procedure that should be carried out by an experienced attorney. The law that governs trademark rights in Pakistan is contained within the trademark ordinance No XIX of the year 2001. The Trademark Registry is part of the Intellectual Property Organization in Pakistan located within Karachi is the body that handles administrative matters that oversee trademarks within Pakistan.

Trade Mark Registration Register Online Pakistan 2022

If the applicant has their search report but doesn’t want to use our search service we will create an attorney’s power. after we receive scans of the authorized power of attorney signed by the applicant, the Trade Mark application will be submitted. A preliminary search for trademarks in the Intellectual Property Organization

Trade Mark Registration Process in Pakistan 2022

, Pakistan before applying to register the mark is suggested. If we can establish the availability or not of the trademark, or the applicant is in any other way satisfied with the availability of the trademark, then we may proceed with filing a trademark application. Once the application is filed, the trademark office will issue the applicant a TM number for each request, which is then a registration number once registration is made for the mark.

Trade Mark Registration In Pakistan 2022

Costs of Trade Mark Registration in Pakistan 2022

The process of applying for a trademark involves a formal exam and an examination of distinctiveness as well as a search for prior trademarks. It can take between 2 and 3 years from filing the first application to registration. Before registration, the trademark registration application will be published monthly in “The Trademarks Journal”.

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IPO Pakistan 2022

The period of opposition is 2 months from the publication date that the trademark application was filed. These days Trade Mark registry has started providing the report of examination within a month of the application’s filing. If the application isn’t rejected by the registration, it will be advertised in the trade journal for marks.

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Trade Mark Registration in Karachi 2022

If there isn’t any opposition to the marking within four months after publication in the trademark journal, the registrar grants an application for registration of the trademark. Registration is granted in 6-8 months if there is no opposition or objection to the application for a trademark. Registration of trademarks for Pakistan lasts for 10 years and begins on the date of registration.

Trademark Online Registration Pakistan 2022

The registration can be renewed for 10 years. Note, if the trademark hasn’t been utilized within five years of the issue date on the certificate of registration, or it has not been used for an uninterrupted period of five years,

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Trademark, logo, brand name, device Check Here
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User affidavit in case of already trademark registry Check Here
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Person identity proof ID card, driving license Check Here
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Firm proof/ Incorporation statements Check Here
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Application form for registration Check Here
Address and postal code and nationality proof Check Here

Trade Mark Registration Fees In Pakistan

it could be susceptible to cancellation. Irfan Mir Halepota & Associates are among the prominent International Law Firms in Karachi Pakistan that deals in International Trade Law, Intellectual Property, Trademark, Patent, Renewal of Internationtrademarksark, and Trademark Disputes in Karachi Pakistan.

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