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SRB Online Verification¬† KARACHI the Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) has introduced an online verification for utility invoices. companies. Sindh Revenue Board (SBR) vide Notification No. SRB-3-4/03/2022, dated 21 February 2022, issued “Sindh sales Tax Special Procedures (Online Integration of Business) Rules 2022, later known by the name of “Rules”. Changes Wing & Special Cell, Board of Revenue, Sindh has been given the responsibility of the implementation of 4 (04)

SRB Online Verification

srb online verification

You must have a USER ID and password to log in to the ESRB portal. Sindh Revenue Board (SRB) Al-Amin Tower, Mezzanine Floor, Opposite Shalimar Complex, Minara Road, Sukkur. Commissioner (Regional Office, Suk) Email: commissioner.11******4a3@9*** In a statement issued Monday, the SRB in a statement published on Monday announced that the STRIVe (Sales Tax Real-time Invoice Verification) system has been in operation to facilitate Sindh Sales Tax return submission since July the 1st of this year.

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Rules require certain services or classes of services to connect the Point of Sale (PoS) with the SRB Computerized System for real-time reporting of sales within 45 days of when the deadline of February 21st, 2022. PoS after integration into the SRB Computerized System, the integration person must inform SRB via a form specified for the purposes.

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A computerized land record system to provide scanned records of modifications since October 10, 2010, was initiated by District Facilitation Service Center Hyderabad, Jamshoro & Tando Mohammad Khan.


If you don’t have your USER ID or Password, please sign-up on ESRB. But, in consideration of the needs of taxpayers that the system is not applied to statements issued by utility firms such as distribution companies for electricity or gas, companies as well as telecom and telephone companies.

srb online verification

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People who are required to connect PoS with the SRB Computerized System shall not issue any Katcha or pro forma invoice (by any other name) and only issue Tax Invoices through PoS according to the format specified within these Regulations. However, the PoS must be installed by a PoS vendor that has an office in Sindh according to section 2(64) of the Sindh Sales Tax on Services Act 2011.

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SRB implements a verification system for utility invoices

PoS vendors are also required to furnish information when and if required to the SBR. Total land revenue for the Province comprises 5979 Deaths. From this, records of 5680 Deaths were computerized and a record of 3600 Deaths was provided by the District Administration for verification with the original record. Only 1200 Deaths have been confirmed by the Districts, and the rest is still in process.

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The return is now locked for editing. If you want to alter anything on the return, you’ll need to modify it, and then work on the updated return. Since a significant amount of time has passed and while other tax authorities like FBR along with other taxing authorities in provinces have long since implemented STRIVe on utility invoices, SRB has decided to end the practice of permitting input tax adjustment in the face of manually entered utility invoices. Furthermore, Online Marketplace acts as a “facilitator”

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in transactions that involve a buyer and seller (or service providers and recipient for specific services above are required to be integrated into the PoS system. In this regard, it is stated that from Sindh sales tax returns for the tax period.

IT schemes relating to the electronic recording of records on land in Sindh as well as budgetary allocation and use and the main targets for each are listed in the Annual Development Plan of BOR (Please go to

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February 2022, and to be filed in March 2022 the input tax that is imposed on utility bills (i.e. gas, electricity, and telephone/telecom services) is only allowed when the utility or supplier company has declared these supplies or services in the name of a Sindh resident in the tax returns that are monthly filed with the Federal Board of Revenue.


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