Scholarships at Riphah International

Scholarships for Riphah International University in Pakistan, Asia. The scholarship opportunities available at Riphah International University are from top providers of scholarships. So, this article will explain the ways to get scholarships that are available at Riphah International University, located in Pakistan. Al Mujtaba Education Trust is proud to announce scholarship opportunities at Riphah International University campuses in Islamabad, Malakand, and Lahore. The scholarships cover tuition costs in a range of disciplines. They are also available to students in need of financial aid for their studies.

Scholarships at Riphah International

Scholarships at Riphah International Hostel costs are not included in scholarships and are assessed only in cases of exceptional needs for meritorious applicants. Students from all regions in Pakistan such as AJK and Gilgit Baltistan are qualified. The criteria for eligibility are described as follows: Riphah International University is one of the top educational institutions in Pakistan that offers a variety of academic programs that range from diplomas, certificates masters, bachelors, Ph.D., and many more.

Riphah International University Scholarship

Here are the opportunities for education that are offered by Riphah International University that allow students to access higher education at various levels. In Pakistan, Riphah International University is ranked number 18 in the world. Riphah International University is ranked at number 18 in a variety of Universities and Colleges ranking organizations such as UniRank ranking, Webometrics University Ranking, QS World University Rankings,

Scholarships At Riphah International University In Pakistan

Times Higher Education World University Rankings, Academic Ranking of World Universities the Aggregate Ranking of Top Universities, Center for World University Rankings, Leiden Ranking. Other ranking institutes for that Riphah International University included include Performance Ranking of Scientific Papers for World Universities,

Riphah International University – HEC

Reuters World’s Top 100 Innovative Universities, Round University Ranking, SCImago Institutions Rankings, U-Multirank University Ranking by Academic Performance, and U.S. News & World Report Best Global Universities Rankings among others. of them. We’ve listed a few of the top International Scholarships providers for you to know more specifically about what they might have offered education options for students at Riphah International University.

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Financial assistance and scholarships are given to students in the following schemes on the campuses of Rawalpindi and Islamabad from Riphah International University: Assistantships in this scheme are offered to students who are accepted into any of the regular BS programs in Management Sciences, Media Sciences, and Computer Sciences Basic Sciences and Social Sciences Engineering, and MS programs in Management Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Basic Sciences and Social Sciences.

Scholarships at Riphah International

Scholarships At Riphah International

The student who has secured at least 65% and above marks in intermediate/graduation will be awarded 25% to 100% assistance ship on tuition fees as the case may be. However, in BS engineering (Electrical and Biomedical) students must be able to secure at least 80% or more marks in intermediate to be awarded this award.

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University Ehsaas Scholarship Riphah

Assistance ships in this scheme are offered to students whose parent (sponsor) has passed away following admission to any of the programs from Riphah International University. To continue the assistance ship in the future, students have to keep an SGPA of 3.20 for every university exam. Assistance ships in this scheme are offered to students who are accepted into any of the regular undergraduate programs in Management Sciences,

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Media Sciences, Computer Sciences, and Bio-Medical Engineering. The student has secured at least 60% marks in intermediate/graduation as the case may be and his/her parents are regular government employees. To continue to receive assistance over the next term, the student needs to maintain an SGPA of 3.20 for each exam at the university.

Riphah International University Scholarships Apply Online
Riphah International University Scholarships Apply Online
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Riphah International University Fee Structure

Students of 1st. term and students who are admitted to reserved seats are not eligible for assistance under the “Mawakhat” scheme. After the FA Committee has given any decision, it can’t be re-examined or revised in the same semester. The university is free to amend its rules and guidelines when determined necessary by the authorities from time moment. Financial assistance applicants have to fill out an application form.

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