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Get your education in Germany. good news! The SBW Berlin Scholarship is currently open to international students. In this article we will explain in detail about this scholarship program, its benefits and the step-by-step application process. Applications are currently being accepted for the SBW Berlin Scholarships for International Students. This SBW Berlin Scholarship helps young individuals from other countries who have families with financial hardships to apply the knowledge and skills they’ve learned during their time in Germany to design long-term, non-profit initiatives, with a focus on their own countries of origin.

SBW Berlin Scholarship 2023

SBW Berlin Scholarship The scholarship for studying in the European continent is given to students who have completed Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs located in Berlin and Potsdam in accordance with the academic excellence of the student as well as personal skills as well as social requirements.

All scientific or artistic fields are eligible for funding. In certain instances, the program also provides vocational training at Berlin and Potsdam. The funding for your studies within your country of residence or in other German federal states is not covered.

SBW Berlin Scholarships for International Students, 2023-2024

It is the SBW Berlin Program for Scholarships that guarantees students a stay restricted to the time of their academic studies. SBW Berlin awards this scholarship as an amount of money, which is to be repaid at the conclusion of the period of funding. In the event that they decide to return to their country of origin after they have completed their studies and are not required to pay back the loan.

SBW Berlin Scholarship Apply Online

SBW Berlin Scholarship Application Process 2023

اپنے اسکالرشپ کے ذریعے، ہم بیرون ملک سے تعلق رکھنے والے نوجوان باصلاحیت لوگوں کی مدد کرتے ہیں جو اپنے آبائی ممالک میں رضاکارانہ کام میں سماجی طور پر مصروف عمل ہیں۔ ہمارا پختہ یقین ہے کہ دنیا کے غریب ممالک میں حالات زندگی کو بہتر بنانے کے لیے تعلیم کلیدی حیثیت رکھتی ہے۔ لہذا، دیگر غیر منافع بخش تنظیموں کے ساتھ اپنے تعاون کے حصے کے طور پر، ہم نوجوان پرعزم بین الاقوامی ہنر مندوں کو برلن میں یونیورسٹی کی ڈگری یا اپرنٹس شپ کے حصول کے لیے وظائف دیتے ہیں۔

SBW Berlin Scholarships for Eligible

To be eligible for this scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria.

Foreign nationals, whose home countries appear to have a particular need for development assistance. This applies particularly to many countries in Eastern Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America due to their current economic and/or social situation.
Homeless foreigners
Recognized refugees
Holders of a settlement permit
Holders of an EU long-term residence permit
Students from EU and EEA countries who have already worked in Germany in an activity related to their studies, before taking up their studies
Students from EU/EEA countries with a permanent right of residence as defined by the Freedom of Movement Act (Freizügigkeitsgesetz EU).
  • between 18 and 30 of age
  • Average grades are equivalent to a German Grade Point Average that is at least 2.0.
  • Applications must be submitted prior to the beginning of their studies at the university or fully registered at the beginning, in the second, or the maximum. 3rd semester in a recognized state school (in Germany or abroad) or an application for a master’s degree after or following the obtaining of an undergraduate degree.
  • It is essential to show that they didn’t reside in Germany for longer than 18 months prior to application.
  • Family members with a first-degree connection reside permanently in Germany.
  • A commitment to remain in your country of origin for at least 18 months following your graduation
  • Experience as a volunteer or professional in the non-profit sector, and
  • Ability to demonstrate that net income is relatively low.


SBW Berlin Scholarship

How to Apply for SBW Berlin Scholarships

Candidates who meet the eligibility requirements to apply for the award should click the “Apply” button below and follow the directions to complete their application. In addition, applicants must be prepared with the following documents, in order to be uploaded on this application form.

  1. A motivation letter (1-2 pages)
  2. A copy of your final transcript from your university or school showing your GPA and an overview of your rank.
  3. Copy of your highest academic diploma (high school diploma, university diploma) along with your point average and ranking review.
  4. If they are available If you have copies of these documents that must be included:
  5. Evidence of your admissibility to university admission or admission to university (Berlin/Potsdam)
  6. A document that is an internationally recognized language certificate that identifies the language you will be studying. classes will be conducted.
  7. All previous work such as apprenticeship, training, as well as internship and apprenticeship certificates, and references.
  8. If you’ve already begun your studies, make sure you have all your university transcripts and academic records (graded or ungraded) received to date.
  9. It is suggested that applicants provide the following additional documents, although they aren’t required
  10. Two or three letters of recommendation from school instructors, employers, etc.
  11. Income of the household (If you’ve only provided all information about your net household income in the form you will be required to provide additional documentation to show your net household income in the verification procedure.

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