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PVTC Admission The reviews and studies conducted during the past couple of years have shown that Pakistan has a shortage of workers. It is not mandatory to attend a professional college to make a good living. It is much more essential to be proficient. There are many places and regions of Pakistan where the youth have the potential but they cannot obtain a higher level of education. They wish to become engineers, but advanced education isn’t readily accessible or they live with limited resources. This is the reason why one feels the need for vocational education.

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There was a time when vocational trainers were regarded as part of the working class, however, er because the potential and necessity for jobs are growing the demand for skilled workers also is increasing. Several institutions are specifically designed for thither the government of Pakistan has already announced various initiatives to help encourage young people and students to attend vocational educational institutions.

Vocational Training Institute Lahore Admissions 2024

One of these initiatives is announced as part of the Punjab growth strategy 223, which is implemented by PVTC. The strategy was created in an attempt to improve the standard of living in Punjab especially those in Southern Punjab, where the residents are trying to fulfil their requirements. The strategy is the result of plans created in the year 2012. A team of researchers was given the task, and they proposed a myriad of ideas to increase the rate of growth.

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The suggestions comprised a variety of initiatives that encouraged investments within the province. The urban clusters were meant to serve the needs of the people who were in need. Employment opportunities were more likely to lead ta better growth rates. This is why it was crucial to inspire young people to participate in skill-based education. Due to the deficiency of resources, the region was becoming a popular market for terrorists.

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To enhance law enforcement and order, because of this, the government wanted to channel the energies into beneficial and productive. The idea was offered by the Senior Research FellowDrDr. Ali CheemDrDr. Anjum NasimDrDr. Farooq Naseer. The head of state of Punjab has launched a new program providing completely professional training for free as well as scholarship tips. The admissions are available to both women and men who are aged between 15-40 years old at PVTC vocational trainicentresers throughout Punjab.

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The list of the institutes is available on the website or the newspaper advertisement cut on this page. Admission 2023 forms for the session starting on July 00 must be submitted to the institution by the time of the date of 00 June 2023. Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) will be offering 2023 admission for 62 vocational courses in its 241 vocational education institutions acro Punjab. The duration of PVTC vocational training courses will be six months.

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Technical Education And Vocational Training

The vocational training will be offered during double shifts. They are completely educational courses that are free and come with monthly stipends. Admission to 2023 is awarded purely on merit. Go to Arqumhouse.edu.pk and its Facebook page to find out more about the new admissions for 2023 in classes for vocational and technical training.

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PVTC, the Punjab Vocational Education Council is the biggest vocational training institute in Pakistan. They have announced recently the vacancies 2024 for various posts and are inviting applications for these positions from candidates who are interested and eligible. Also, you are eligible to apply for this opportunity if you meet the requirements for eligibility.  PVTC is currently hiring disabled persons to fill the following posts to the following positions in its Area Office and Vocational Training institutes (VTIs).

Courses Name And Duration

Computer operator and electronics 1 year Check Online
Architecture drafting 2 years Check Online
Commercial arts 2 years Check Online
Dress designing 2 years Check Online
Dressmaking 1 year Check Online
Fashion designing 1 year Check Online
Computer operator 1 year Check Online
Office management 1 year Check Online
Skin and beauty therapy 1 year Check Online
Seats for the first 3 categories are only for 16 and seats for dressmaking are only for 18. Check Online
Seats of computer operator 1 year are only 32. Check Online
Seats of office management are only 34. Check Online

Punjab Vocational Training Institutes Free Short Courses Admission 2024

If you’re interested, you need to apply the to NTS testing service since the Punjab Vocational Training Council PVTC department has been assigned a National Testing service to conduct the tests provided by the department. It is an independent corporate body of the Punjab Government to impede and-trained skills to young people on their doorsteps by involving the private sector to improve employability.

Vocational Training Institute Lahore Admissions 2024

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