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Posted by | Haider on | March 17, 2023

Punjab Driving Licence Online Apply – It’s time to let go of all the hassles associated with getting a Pakistan driver’s license. The Pakistan Information Technology Board (PITB) has recently introduced a new system to the Punjab Government. The Driving License Issuance and Management System, or DLIMS, is a digital system that allows for the management and issuance of a driving license. This facility is currently only available to citizens of Punjab.

Punjab Driving Licence Online Apply / Renew Documents

Punjab Driving Licence Online ApplyDLIMS is used to centralize the process for issuing driver’s licenses in 36 districts across Punjab. Citizens can track the status of their licenses and see how to apply for one from home.

Online Punjab Driving Licence

The Phase II of the Driving License Issuance Management System, (DLIMS), automates the process of renewing and upgrading driving licenses. These activities take place in the entire province of Punjab. The system uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to provide quick processing and accurate statistics to the authorities. The system redefines how licenses are issued by using a central network.

DLIMS: How to Apply Online for a Driving License in Punjab

The entire process of issuing licenses isn’t yet digitalized. However, licensing authorities keep a record of all required documents. To submit all required documents in printed form, an applicant for a license must visit the license center. As it is likely to digitize the system in every province, it will be a huge help for the citizens of Pakistan. It will also save them the hassle of waiting in long lines.

Apply Online

Documents required for a permanent license

  • Application Form (A), File Cover
  • Original learner Permit of at least six weeks
  • Medical Certificate
  • 3 Passport-size fresh Photo Graphs (Attested
  • A C.N.I.C. Attested Copy
  • Attach a Ticket of Mentioned Charge to the License Document.
  • Slip to deposit Rs. 100 in any branch or Habib Bank (Account No = 01277901547301).

Punjab Driving Licence Online Apply

DLIMS – Driving License Information Management System

SR No. Vehicle Type 5 years Issuance Fees
1 Motor Bike 500
2 Motor Car 750
3 Van Delivery 280
4 Tractor Commercial 500
5 Tractor Agriculture 250
6 LTV 750
7 HTV 1000
8 Road Ruler 500
9 Loco Moto 660
10 Carriage 100
11 Motor Bike + Motor Car 750
12 Motor Cycle+ LTV 750
13 Motor Cycle+ Rickshaw 450
14 Motor Cab + Rickshaw 450
15 HTV+ PSV 1000

How Do I Apply?

  1. Here’s how to apply online for a driver’s license:
  2. Login to the DLIMS website here.
  3. Go to the Downloads section to download your form.
  4. Click on the Licensing Centre tab to find the nearest Licensing Centre.
  5. Send the documents required.
  6. After 42 days of learning, you can meet the licensing authority.
  7. Pass the initial theoretical exam.
  8. Take the driving test, and you will pass.

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