PTCL Complaint Registration

Posted by | Haider on | January 5, 2023

PTCL COMPLAINTS There will be times when you need assistance using PTCL’s services or products. Many people think that registering a complaint can be a long and time-consuming process. We’ve made it easier to make it easy for you to enjoy the convenience of registration by providing easy online registration procedures for the submission of PTCL complaints. You can sign-up to create an entirely fresh PTCL complaint or check the status of your current PTCL Online complaint quickly. If you’re having issues regarding or issues with your PTCL telephone service

PTCL Complaint Registration

PTCL COMPLAINTSIf your line to your phone is broken or is distorted you may be experiencing issues with connectivity, an insufficient internet speed, or your EVO single/Chrji phone is not receiving the proper data and the speeds for 4G or 3G. To offer superior customer service to its clients as well as to guarantee the best level of satisfaction from the customers it serves, PTCL offers a variety of complaint registration options for customers.

To aid customers, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) has introduced a variety of online services that will ensure that complaints and grievances can be dealt with promptly. There are six methods to complain about PTCL Services to a representative of the company.

Ptcl Complaint On Mobile

If you notice that your internet isn’t functioning in the way it should, call your PTCL Helpline number at any moment to resolve your issues. To contact the PTCL Helpline from your landline or mobile phone, dial 1218. The call will be transferred to PTCL support personnel at their call center in several minutes.

PTCL Complaint Registration

Ptcl Complaint Whatsapp Number 2023

They are described by the author in this article. numerous options for you to submit an inquiry to PTCL concerning any concerns or problems you’re having with their services. You can check whether your complaints are being addressed. In order to do this you need to fill in the following information. In this article, we’ve discussed both methods of PTCL Complaint Registration. Be sure to go through each step one by one.

Complaint Registration Online

Ptcl Complaint- Online Registration Process 2023

They will take note of your complaints and then forward your complaints to the linemen responsible. Internet websites let you complain about broadband or landline issue. The online registration procedure for complaints for PTCL is user-friendly. The person in charge of processing your complaint will be the Lineman within your area. This is the most convenient method of filing your complaint. You can make use of your personal computer, laptop (PC), or even a mobile phone to make complaints.

Ptcl Complaint From Mobile 2023

This was the only option to report your landline phone with PTCL. If you have a customer service center in the vicinity they can assist you with complaints from customers. You can contact PTCL customer service representatives quickly. Also, you can provide feedback about their service.

Ptcl Complaint

To find out how to submit a PTCL complaint via SMS, visit this page PTCL complaint by SMS. You can also reach PTCL support representatives at any time and resolve your issue by using live chat. PTCL live chat feature. However, this option is not available 24 hours a day. On Mondays and Saturdays, Live support agents are available only between 9 AM and 9 pm.

New service requirement or purchase assistance 1218
To Update the Directory Inquiry 0800 0 1217
OSS Helpline 111 28 28 28
Corporate Helpline Number 1260 & 111 20 20 20
Billing information 1200
Inquiry or directory services 1217
PTCL Complaint registration/help on fault 1218
Assistance with all services 1218

Ptcl Internet Complaint Online 2023

We’ll assist you with the procedure. If you have any queries or concerns, you can email them to the following PTCL complaints email. They typically reply within 48 hours after your complaint is submitted at the PTCL email id.051218 1218 is the number you can submit your message.

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Contact Number:

Address: Corporate Headquarters, Block-E, G-8/4,
Islamabad-44000, Pakistan.


If you have any question, please write below.

    Dear Sir/Madam AOA hope you are doing well.
    I have a Ptcl account number 042-37818051 and I have registered a complaint no 36 on 10th of December 22, called again on 16th December 22 got details from your customer support that my complaint cancelled and registered again on 15th December 22. I didn’t cancelled my complain please look into this matter. Regards

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