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Want to download the PTCL Duplicate bill 2020? PTCL is a telephonic and internet or Wifi network and nowadays, it is widely used in offices, homes, shops, and even everywhere. PTCL Duplicate Bill 2022. Now you can check the PTCL Telephone bill Online or you can download a duplicate PTCL Bill online. PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Ltd) is the most Used Telecom Company in Pakistan. Duplicate PTCL Bills Download. Do you Want to check your PTCL Duplicate bill? Here, You can generate a duplicate bill and download or print it on this site. If you want a duplicate bill, you need your phone number and account ID.

PTCL Bill Online Check by Reference Number

PTCL Bill Online Check

The state of Pakistan PTCL owns Pakistan telecom company’s main shares and offers a range of services such as broadband internet, dial-up, TV, and telephone services. It provides high-speed landline and broadband internet service in Pakistan at affordable prices

PTCL Duplicate Bill Download and Print

Do not worry about both situations. You can retrieve your bill through the PTCL duplicate bill facility. The PTCL E-bill system allows you to get a print online. PTCL is the widest landline telephone and internet connection provider in Pakistan.

PTCL Duplicate Bill Download and Print

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PTCL LANDLINE BILL                        Download Internet Bill

ptcl online bill

Ptcl is a substantial ISP in Pakis but along the way, almost every other customer faces speed issues. In this post, we explore how to get PTCL Duplicate Bill Online. If you’re a citizen of Pakistan, you know how large the population is and the mailman can deliver your bill at a later date. Have you lost your PTCL bill? Or have you not received your bill?

PTCL Bill Online Check

PTCL Duplicate Bill

This copy of the bill will be acceptable and the same as the original. PTCL Duplicate Bill Download Procedure is fully easy and you will only have to get a printout of that bill and pay the dues. Download PTCL duplicate bill online PDF. You can now easily pay your bill online through internet banking in just a couple of seconds. You don’t have to go to the bank, just sit at your home and pay your bill online.

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Download Ptcl Bill 2022

Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is the largest landline telephone and internet connection provider of telephone service, broadband, and Smart TV in Pakistan. This company is the most utilizer of telephonic and internet data. PTCL is mostly used in homes, offices, workplaces, and schools as part of these familiar places.

PTCL DSL Internet Bills Online Duplicate Copy Download

All the users of PTCL DSL Broadband/Landline EVO Bills Duplicate / PTCL duplicate bill Print Out Check and Online Download the customers of telephone internet new connections then go to the PTCL exchange for and give the application the lineman person is come into your home to broadband connect in few days and you can Check PTCL Bill Online EVO and Ufone Wireless handsets.


We will be there for your needs 24/7. PTCL chat service is accessible to assist you immediately and their agents are on hand between 9:00 am and 9:00 midnight. If you require support 24/7 You can contact their assistance line. PTCL Customer Service Centers are committed to providing individualized and speedy support.


PTCL is the most reputable telephone and broadband operator in Pakistan. Pakistan Telecommunication not only working with their broadband service or Telephone line, but they are also trying to make it easier for their customers by offering them the most efficient online services.

PTCL Duplicate Bill

PTCL Duplicate Bill (or Dbill PTCL) is a service offered by PTCL Company that provides clients with the opportunity to obtain a copy of the PTCL Bill. Customers can download their duplicate copy of their PTCL bill online on this website and print it as well. PTCL BILL If you’re a citizen of Pakistan you’re aware of how big the population is. The postal man can mail your bill at a later time. If you want to pay your bill as swiftly as possible, you could obtain a duplicate bill on our website in a matter of minutes. In the form, you must enter your PTCL number.



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If you are looking for downloading a duplicate PTCL bill in pdf format, then you are at the right place, just enter the PTCL number and account id and get your PTCL bill duplicate. Check Online PTCL Duplicate Bill Copy. Now You Can Print out, View a copy of the bill.

Payment Methods of PTCL Duplicate Bill:

One method of downloading the Duplicate PTCL statement is to fill out the below form. Simply enter your PTCL phone number. (without an area code) as well as Your Account Identification (which can be located on previous bills) in the box that you need and then click the ” Search ” button. Then, you’ll find that your PTCL Duplicate Bill will be open in a new tab.



It is possible to create accounts on the PTCL website to access PTCL online services and to view or pay for your copy of your PTCL bill. It is possible to download their app and run the app on your mobile device for access to their service on your mobile

Payment Methods of PTCL Duplicate Bill:

Following are the options provided by PTCL for the payments of its services:

Through Banks:

UBL,MCB,ABL,JS,Meezan Bank,Faysal Bank etc

Through Microfinance channels :

  • JazzCash
  • Easypaisa
  • praise
  • Through PTCL’s own Channel :
  • PTCL Touch App for Android
  • PTCL Touch App for iOS
  • PCPM Machines
  • PTCL Website

*Payment through TCS courier is also available.

Services by PTCL:

Currently, PTCL provides Telephone, Internet, and TV services with lots of options. Telephone service includes:

  • Different products and packages.
  • VAT (Value Added Services).
  • Telephone sets.
  • New Freedom voice packages.
  • 30% discount on installation charges.


There are over 20 million customers all across the country, and they provide customers with top-quality services at a much lower cost than the other companies. PTCL collaborates with its parent organization, Pakistan Telecommunications Authority with about 40% of the shares owned by private shareholders, which makes it no longer a publicly-traded company.

PTCL Bill Online Check by Reference Number, by Account ID

. For broadband and landline bills, all you have to enter is your account number and phone number. ID, which is a 10 number. The bill will be created in only two seconds and can be downloaded or printed. Sign up for the E-Bill service to receive your Duplicate monthly PTCL bill through your Email. You can sign up for the service by calling PTCL Helpline no. (1218).

Internet Sevices include these options:

  • Wired Internet Packages
  • ‘Fast Path’ for Online Gamers
  • Internet Static IP
  • Unlimited Internet Packages
  • Wireless Internet
  • CharJi Unlimited Package
  • CharJi EVO
  • 3G EVO Wingle & Nitro Cloud
  • PTCL EVO C@rFi

TV Services include these options:

  • Products & Packages
  • Netflix via PTCL Bill
  • Starzplay by Cinepax
  • Smart TV
  • Smart TV App
  • HD Channels


PTCL offers monthly subscriptions to its customers. You will have to pay each month to access the entire services offered by PTCL. They will inquire about your telephone number. and Email Id during the call. PTCL is utilized all over Pakistan. It is utilized in schools, homes offices, and so on. and account number is on the form below and you will be able to get your copy of the PTCL bill in a matter of 1-2 minutes.

PTCL Bill Online Check by Reference Number, by Account ID

. It offers services like telephone calls, IPTV, broadband, internet, and IPTV.  It offers its customers the most modern equipment and modern technology.  It is adored by all who use its services due to how incredible and affordable they are. It’s the most famous business in all of Pakistan.

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PTCL Bill Online Check By Phone Number                               Check Online
 PTCL Duplicate Bill 2022                               Check Online
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www.Ptcl.Com.Pk Phone                               Check Online


You Can also Print and download a Duplicate copy of the online bill. The company always giving its best to customers, with better services better helpline, and an online billing system. Suppose that you have not received  PTCL Bill, and the Last date comes on. This is very difficult to pay PTCL Landline or Broadband bills. TCL is also known for its Pakistan Telecommunications Company Limited which provides services to all of us

PTCL Jobs 2022

PTCL jobs Contact Details:

Official Website
Contact Number  1218, 1236
Email  [email protected]
Address  Corporate Headquarters, Block-E, G-8/4, Islamabad-44000, Pakistan.

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