Princess Nourah University Scholarship 2022-2023

Princess Nourah University Scholarship 2022 ajat was elated after the school was closed because of the pandemic. The most wonderful thing that could occur to a 10-year student who attends school consistently and with a high level of discipline! At the age of 10, Rajat didn’t understand the importance of school. His father, who was employed in the city, also returned, and he was thrilled to have his dad around! Education is a transformative force and can break this cycle of poverty, which afflicts thousands of children. However, in Nepal, there are a lot of secondary and primary students who are not in the classroom due to poverty. The truth of the pandemic and lockdown struck Rajat as his father died from the disease.

Princess Nourah University Scholarship  2022

Princess Nourah University Scholarship 2022-2023

Rajat’s father was a sole income earner for his family as well as his old grandparents. In line with our aim to provide education for Nepali youngsters, Ama Ghar has a small community scholarship program that aims to ensure that the children of our area, regardless of their gender or circumstance — have access to a high-quality education.

Princess Nourah University Scholarship 2022-2023

COVID is a pandemic that has shocked the rich and the disadvantaged alike. The most affected are children who saw this holiday as a time to relax with their parents. The fund allows children who are poor to attend school while staying at home with their families. A lot of parents can’t pay for the uniform and school supplies needed to ensure their children are in school.

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However, life has been brutal on many of them during the past year of 1 1/2. A lot of them lost relatives, parents, family friends, and even their parents. Ama Ghar provides enough money to purchase uniforms for children’s books, school bags, and other supplies.

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In the U.S., Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation estimates 1 018,879 people died in India on August 31st. We have the total support of 60 children at our community schools.

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A modest amount of $50 per year helps keep children who are poor in school. If you can help us, we could help even more. With the current situation, the Bengaluru’s Indian Institute of Science has forecast that around 404,000 people will die on the 11th of June.

Princess Nourah University Scholarship 2022-2023

Princess Nourah University

To make sure that we can reach the maximum number of the aid our children receive, we’ve launched the Kinship Care program.

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Although there isn’t an official estimation of the number of “covidorphans”, many more children will likely be separated from their parents in the years to be. Families with low incomes are unable to provide their children with adequate food or send their children to school.

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This can lead parents to contemplate sending their children into institutions or fall prey to the claims made by child traffickers. Ama The Kinship Care Program of Ghar gives money to provide food for the child and pay for the costs of school to allow the child to have the right to stay in their home with their family and obtain an education.

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Complaints have been received regarding children being left by their fathers when their mothers died from Covid-19. In some instances, girls are required to work with lower wages since both their parents have passed away from Covid-19.

Princess Nourah University Scholarship 2022

There is the issue of having no work, low or no incomes, and exhausted savings. If you’re a poor family in such a situation, where survival itself is difficult, education should be the last thing on the agenda. Kinship Care: Starting as low as $300 per year, this program allows children with families that can’t afford education and food to stay at home and go to school.


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