PMS Syllabus 2023

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PMS Syllabus 2023 Searching for Provincial Management Services PMS Syllabus 2023 Punjab PPSC Subjects List? You can view the entire schedule of PPSC mixed exam papers for PMS syllabus. These tests are both mandatory and optional. In 2023, the year 2023 the PPSC will provide three opportunities for all Punjab residents female and male, and female candidates to participate in the PPSC PMS tests. Based on the PMS revised syllabus for 2023, the PPSC has made six compulsory subjects. Each subject has 100 marks and total of 600 marks.

PMS Syllabus Download

PMS Syllabus

Before we dive into the syllabus of the exam we’ll provide the specifics of the scores each subject will receive. The importance of this exam is not to be undervalued as it provides the basic knowledge of the various religions and the various systems that constitute this Islamic society. It is something that every potential candidate should be aware of before they can be a part of the bureaucracy.

Punjab PPSC Compulsory Subject

The details that are included in the PMS Syllabus Punjab can be found as the following: PMS syllabus Punjab can be downloaded here. It contains six subjects that need to be covered in exams like the PMS exam. Each subject receives 100 points based on subjective and objective types of questions. Candidates who are certified will be able to participate in the compulsory exams for every subject.

Optional Subjects Punjab PPSC Syllabus 2023

In addition, seven categories are subject to an optional selection (A B C D A B F) and E and G) In conformity with the regulations and rules, applicants are required to choose the appropriate subject in each category. The total amount for selecting subject options is three each of which has 200 marks. The total amount will be 600 marks.

Punjabi PMS Syllabus

The exam is conducted through the Public Service Commission, Punjab (PSC) which was set up by the Pakistani government of Pakistan in 1937 to conduct examinations as well as conduct interviews for applicants who are applying for different positions in public service. Check out the entire PMS exam syllabus for 2023.

Download Syllabus

PMS Syllabus  2023 Download PDF

Punjab PPSC required and optional subjects are listed below. It is recommended that you take the exam in accordance with the syllabus you were given during the school year of last year. Visit the official website for additional information on the procedure to take the test. You can also write an email in the comment box. Find your PPSC subjects from the course outline for PMS,, which comprises every subject group that is non-required as well as marks divisions per subject along with the complete syllabus for every subject.

PMS Syllabus PDF Download

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PPSC PMS Syllabus

If they don’t show up in the mandatory exam, the candidates won’t be eligible to participate in other processes. PPSC has identified seven subjects that are available from the PMS’s syllabus of subjects that are not compulsory. Candidates have to pick three subjects from a listing (not over one area in each group).

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