PMS PRECIS PAPER 2018-Are you looking for PMS precis papers 2020? Here is the PMS precis paper 2020. the current (26-08-2020) PMS English composition paper for 2020. The PMS Punjab paper is the PMS Punjab paper of English specifics and the composition paper for 2020. If you’re in search of past papers to help you prepare to take the PMS exam Look at this page. The KPK PMS Screening Exam for 2018 | Kppsc PMS Screening Past Papers KPK PMS-2021 Screening Exam and the KPK PMS Screening Exam Study Materials Update:



Follow us for more information as we go into detail as we go through the PMS exam. You can take a test in CSS English Precis and Composition Paper 2018 Test your knowledge with MCQs. Today, we are going to go over the details of what is expected of the PMS exam, and also give you the past papers from the PMS exam.

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Once you have completed your online quiz you will be provided with answers and be able to complete the Paper English Precis And Composition 2018 Let’s get started about what constitutes an exam in PMS.

PMS English Precis and Composition paper 2020

An understanding of the word is essential to understand its significance of it in Pakistan and the characteristics it possesses. Here is the most recent exam paper for the KPK PMS Screening Test for 2018. CSS Prep Forum always tries to provide the highest quality for thousands of highly competitive students.

CSS 2018 Solved English Precis & Composition Paper MCQs Quiz

Similar to CSS Paper, there are 20 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to complete in just 20 minutes for each CSS MCQ exam. When you take your test, both the number of questions and the response to the question will change randomly.


CSS 2018 Solved English Precis & Composition Paper MCQs Quiz

If not, stick with us to learn more about what you need to know about the PMS exam. Take each test several times until you score a 90 per cent score(i.e 18 MCQs that are correct). If you’re familiar with the test and its format, then you’ll be able to simply visit the links for past papers.

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KPK PMS Screening Test 2018| KPPSC PMS Past Paper Screening Test Mcqs 2018

The amount of KPK PMS candidates has been rising in recent years, and so preparing for the test is a challenge for the thousands of PMS aspirants in KPK. When you finish the test, you’ll be able to see the correct answers, along with the Test score, percentage, Rating, etc.

PMS Past Papers (Download PDF for FREE)

Since the year 2018 Howfiv has launched One Paper MCQs and screening testing under the supervision of highly skilled officers and coaches Sir Badar Rameez Sir Syed Kazim Ali, Miss Nirmal Miss Bakhtawar Sir Hamza Asif, Miss Zaineb Azam, and 10 others. How has, with the assistance of these coaches developed thousands of exam-related MCQs that can be tested in exams?

KPK PMS Screening Test 2018

The PMS exam is The Provincial Management Service exam that is administered through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC).

PMS Past Papers – CSS Forum

When you have completed this Test you will receive every correct answer as well as explanations of the difficult MCQs also. For the CCE Sindh Screening Test 2021 more than 63 questions have been downloaded off the Howfiv website.

PMS (Punjab) Original Past Papers 2017-18

The exam is held in Pakistan and is mostly for candidates from Punjab’s diverse districts. If you’re looking to prepare yourself to take the KPK PMS screening 2021 you can keep working on yourself by memorizing, practising as well as testing thousands of exam-related questions at the Howfiv website. The exam is similar to the CSS test, however, it differs from it.

Total Marks 400 Marks
Total Number of MCQs 100 MCQs
Marks per MCQ 4 Marks per MCQ
Time Allowed 90 Minutes
Test Type Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs)

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission

This is because the CSS exam is conducted at the federal level whereas the PMS exam is held at a provincial level. PMS exam is held at the provincial scale (Exclusively in the province of Punjab).

BCKK Merit List 2022

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Public Service Commission  Contact Numbers

+92-091-9214131, 9212897, 9213563, 9213750

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