PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2022

PMC MDCAT Syllabus Looking to find the National MDCAT syllabus 2022? The PMC has officially released the syllabus for the National MDCAT 2022. There are some new modifications in the syllabus, which include the elimination and inclusion of a few new topics. Below is this year’s PMC syllabus 2022, which is for National MDCAT. The new syllabus has been updated. In response to the MDCAT aspirants’ demand, MDCAT 2022’s syllabus was announced by the Pakistan Medical Commission as PMC has also announced MDCAT exam dates for 2022.

 Mdcat Syllabus 2022 By PMC Download

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2022

PMC announced that if there are any changes in or changes to the PMC MDCAT exam in 2022, it will be announced to applicants. This is why it is essential to check the MDCAT syllabus for 2022 for better preparation. In this article, we’ll give you all the information you need about the revised PMC National MDCAT syllabus 2022.

National MDCAT Syllabus 2022 [PMC PDF]

PMC permits students to take part in exams like the Medical and Dental College Admission Test following successful completion of the Higher Secondary School Certificate intermediate exams, as well as the awaited results for students before the examinations for the final exam of equivalent qualifications.

PMC New Syllabus 2022

It also provides the complete guide to the PMC registration including an answer sheet. You can download the National MDCAT Syllabus PDF here. The syllabus will be provided in PDF format so that you can easily download it to your device and prepare yourself for your test.

National MDCAT Entry Test Paper Pattern

MDCAT 2022 Date is 30 August to 3oth September. For a hassle-free download of your MDCAT syllabus, simply click the blue button below. This PDF will be downloaded to your device in only several minutes. By the PMC syllabus 2022, students must take the section comprised of Biology, Physics, Chemistry, English, and Logical Reasoning to pass the test.

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2022

PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2022

Students can download all the details in the PMC national MDCAT exam syllabus pdf download that will provide them with all the information they need about the subject matter and the content of each one that will be tested in the exam.

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In the MDCAT test, there are a total of 210 questions. Each MCQ has a mark. There will not be any negative marking as per PMC policy. PMC policy. National MDCAT is administered through the Pakistan Medical Commission.

Subject Wise PMC Syllabus MDCAT 2022 Download PDF

Candidates must score 70% of their total score to be admitted to MBBS. If you’re worried about getting the national MDCAT the new 2022 syllabus pdf with MDCAT MCQs, you need to concentrate on the fundamental prerequisites of the exam, which include specifics about the subject.

S.No. Subject Questions/Marking Scheme
01. Biology 68
02. Chemistry 56
03. Physics 56
04. English 20
05. Logical Reasoning Questions 10
06 Total 210

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2022

PMC MDCAT syllabus 2022 is also comprised of these five subjects. It is possible to download the syllabus PMC subject-wise by subject from the following table The test is comprised of five subjects.


Content For Biology

The biology portion of MDCAT will consist of the 68 MCQs, with 32% weightage from the overall.

  1. Biodiversity (acellular life or variety of species)Classification of viruses
  2. Discoveries of viruses
  3. The structure of viruses
  4. Viral disease (for instance, AIDS)
  5. Bio-energetic
  6. Anaerobic respiration (respiration without oxygen)
  7. Electron transport chain
  8. Glycolysis/glycolytic pathway/aerobic respiration
  9. Reactions that are light-dependent or light-independent,
  10. Oxidative phosphorylation/cyclic as well as non-cyclic phosphorylation
  11. Photosynthesis
  12. Production of ATP
  13. Influence of water, light, CO2, and other factors that affect photosynthesis
  14. The biological molecules
  15. An introduction to the biological molecular family
  16. Water
  17. Carbohydrates
  18. Proteins
  19. Lipids
  20. Conjugated molecules (glycolipids glycoproteins, glycolipids)
  21. cell structure as well as its function
  22. Cell wall
  23. Cytoplasm and cell organelles (Nucleus, Endoplasmic reticulum, Mitochondria, Golgi apparatus/Golgi complex /Golgi bodies, Lysosomes, Plastids/chloroplasts, Vacuoles)
  24. Prokaryote and Eukaryote
  25. Fluid mosaic model
  26. Control and coordination/nervous and chemical coordination
  27. System of Nervous (Nerve impulse, steps involved in nerve coordination neuronal cells (Structure as well as Types)
  28. The transmission of action potentials between cells of the synapse (Electrical synapses and chemical synapses and transmission of nerve impulses across the Synapse)
  29. Hormones
  30. Endocrine glands
  31. Feedback mechanism (Positive feedback mechanism, Negative feedback mechanism)
  32. Reflexes and reflexes
  33. The levels of the spinal cord along with its primary roles
  34. Brain regions and their primary function
  35. Animal Diversity
  36. Enzymes
  37. Introduction/characteristics of enzymes
  38. Enzymes’ mechanism for action
  39. Factors that influence the speed of enzyme activity
  40. Enzyme inhibition
  41. Evolution
  42. Concepts of evolution
  43. The inheritance of acquired traits
  44. Darwinism’
  45. The Darwinian theory of Evolution
  46. Neo-Darwinism’s
  47. Evidence of evolution
  48. Life processes in the plants as well as animals (nutrition/gaseous exchange/transport)
  49. Carnivorous plants/parasitic nutrition
  50. Minerals and water are absorbed through roots, xylem, and Phloem
  51. Potential and pressure of the Osmotic system
  52. Cardiovascular system
  53. Respiratory system
  54. Digestive system
  55. Immune & system
  56. Lymphatic system
  57. Prokaryotes
  58. Cellular Structure of Bacteria
  59. The shape and size of the bacteria’s shape and size
  60. Control and importance of the spread of
  61. Reproduction
  62. Male reproductive system
  63. The reproductive system of females (including menstrual cycles)
  64. Sexually transmitted infections
  65. Motion and Support
  66. Cartilage
  67. Muscles types and Skeletal
  68. Mechanisms of muscle contraction in skeletal muscles
  69. Different types of joints
  70. Gout and arthritis
  71. Genetics and variation/i
PMC Syllabus Biology 2022 Download
PMC Syllabus Physics 2022 Download
PMC Syllabus Chemistry 2022 Download
PMC Syllabus English 2022 Download
PMC Logical Reasoning Syllabus 2022 Download

PMC MDCAT Syllabus 2022

The subjects listed below are part of the test. In the event of a wrong answer, you will not receive a negative mark. If you answered correctly, an answer, of 1 mark will be given. It’s three and a half time (210 minutes) online test only offered once every year. The test is administered by the Pakistan Medical Commission. The level of difficulty for the National MDCAT is usually high.

Subjects Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2022 Introduction Check Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2022 Biology Check Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2022 Chemistry Check Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2022 Physics Check Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2022 English Check Syllabus
PMC Syllabus 2022 Logical Reasoning Check Syllabus

PMC National MDCAT Syllabus 2022 [PDF Download]

It is a test that is competitive. This test aims to find the top students to be doctors in the future. This is why you must keep an eye on the fact that you will not score high marks on this test if you are not careful.

Syllabus of  PMC MDCAT  Biology

  1. The Cel
  2. Biological Molecule
  3. Chromosomes and DNA
  4. Cell Division
  5. Variety of Life
  6. Bioenergetics
  7. Gas Exchange
  8. Transport in Plants
  9. Transport in Human
  10. Immunity
  11. Homeostasis
  12. Muscles and Movement
  13. Communication
  14. Reproduction
  15. Genetics
  16. Biotechnology
  17. Evolution

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