PM Internship Program 2023

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PM Internship 2023 Program in Pakistan Application Online for graduates is now open. You can now apply to PM Internship Program 2023. PM Internship Program 2023 in Pakistan Apply Online. Applicants must have a B.A./B.Sc./BS/M.A./M.Sc. or equivalent degree with at least 50% of 2.5 CGPA marks and be between the ages of 18-30. PM He has started a program in Pakistan that allows students to serve as interns for a short period. In 2023, applicants can apply to become an intern for the PM.

PM Youth Internship Program 2023 Online Registration

PM Youth Internship Program

PM Imran Khan. Job Openings. One of the greatest benefits of this program is the fact that it offers students a salary per month of 30,000 rupees. To give the young people of Pakistan an edge to enter the workforce, this program places interns in public and private sector jobs for a specific duration of time. The premier of Pakistan has revealed an internship program specifically for students who have completed their bachelor’s degrees. The Pm Youth Internship Program 2023 application online registration began here. 2023

This site has all the details you require to know about this program which includes how to apply and the requirements you’ll need to do to qualify. Shortly the government will put up an official website for these internships. both women and men can apply for these internships. New graduates can use it too.

PM Internship Program 2023

Prime Minister Internship Program 2023 is open to people who have finished 16 years of school or have a Matric with a Diploma from a government-recognized school. As part of the prime Minister Youth Training Scheme, those who are selected can be employed at prominent businesses as internships. This scheme is designed to assist those just beginning their careers and those who are already educated.

Graduate Internship Program 2022 Apply Online

پرائم منسٹرز یوتھ پروگرام، ٹیلنٹ ہنٹ یوتھ اسپورٹس لیگ (THYSL) کا مقصد پاکستان کے نوجوانوں کو کھیلوں کے ذریعے صحت مند جسمانی سرگرمیوں میں شامل کرنا ہے۔ اس صفحہ کے ذریعے آن لائن یوتھ پروگرام سپورٹس ڈرائیو رجسٹریشن ڈاؤن لوڈ کریں۔

Prime Minister Internship Program 2023 online registration

A monthly grant of the sum of Rs. 30000 per month is provided to students who are employed in federal municipal, provincial, or government departments, industries banking institutions, as well as other private and public organizations for one year in the Youth Education Program, Ministry of Inter-Provincial Coordination. The internship is available to those at the age of 16 years of high school. In the interest of the entire nation, this Kamyab Jawan Internship program is offered.

PM Youth Internship Program 2023 Online Registration Last Date

You are eligible to make an application to an intern program that was initiated in the name of Pakistani Premier Imran Khan if you hold an academic degree in a subject you enjoy. Additionally, the administration has spoken about this idea before, yet currently, it’s being implemented.

PM Internship Program 2023

PM Youth Internship Program 2023 HEC

Many ministries, departments, as well as private firms/firms in Pakistan, will offer internship opportunities. Candidates from Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, AJK, and GB could be eligible for the internships. The candidate selected will be awarded an amount of Rs. 30000 monthly stipends. A student who completes 16 years of college is eligible to apply for a PM Youth Internship.

PM Youth Internship Apply Online

Kamyab Jawan Internship Program

Interns working for the government will receive a stipend of thirty thousand rupees per month, as per the prime minister. It is necessary to register online before you can be considered for the prime Minister Internship Program from 2023. This can be done by clicking the link below and filling out an application form. Once you have completed the application the application form will be submitted.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The program is open to all who meet the requirements listed below.
  • The schooling period of 16 years (or the equivalent)
  • The other applicants are applicants with a degree of three years following high school graduation and an FSC. from Madrassah University.
  • You must have a Pakistani citizen
  • With a grade of 50 percent point average and a CGPA of 2.5,
  • There is a 25-year maximum age limit. For FATA Balochistan, along with South Punjab should also have an upper age limit of 30 years.
  • The software is not based on an unintended gender bias. Women are urged to sign up.
Posted 3 March 2023
Location All over Pakistan
Organization/ Sector Kamyab Jawan Internship Program
Qualification Graduates (16 years of education or equivalent Including Madrasa Dars e Nizami)
Gender Male/Female
Total Seats 150000
Monthly Stipend Rs 30,000/-
Application Deadline 23rd April 2023
Application Status Click Here
Merit List Click Here

How to Apply for PM Youth Internship Program 2023

  1. To be eligible to fill out the prime minister’s 2023 internship program, you must fill out an online application form, qualified and interested applicants must meet the following requirements:
  2. Candidates who apply late are not considered.
  3. Applications from women are particularly welcome.
  4. Incomplete applications are not considered.

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