Physics Pairing Scheme 2nd Year 2022

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Are you searching for the second-year Physics peering scheme session 2023? You’re in the right place. Here is a 12th-class physics pairing scheme that is suitable for every Punjab board. That comprises Lahore Board, Multan Board, Gujranwala Board, Sahiwal Board, Sargodha Board, DG Khan Board, Faisalabad Board, and BISE Jammu and Kashmir. Download the 2nd-year scheme for 2023, or read it on the internet.

Physics Pairing Scheme 2nd Year 2022

Physics Pairing Scheme 2nd YearThe goal of a paper scheme or peering scheme is to aid students. This helps them learn the structure of the exam and can concentrate on the most crucial chapters and questions. This is the 2nd year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023. With the new paper scheme of the Punjab Boards Chairman Committee (PBCC), this peering scheme is now in place.

2nd Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Boards

Students will be preparing for the test soon It is advisable to get them acquainted with how to prepare. Physics Paper Pairing Scheme for the class 12th of 2023. Questions will be highlighted. The pair-up schemes aid students identify the most important topics and parts that comprise the Physics syllabus and assist them to prepare more effectively for the annual test.

2nd Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023 | Punjab Boards

Physics in the 12th grade is a complicated subject that requires complex understanding. It is therefore essential that students have a notion of the most important subjects and the order of different topics within the number of questions in the test.

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Physics Pairing Scheme 2nd Year

2nd year pairing scheme 2022 physics

Question No. 1 MCQs = 17 (1 from chapters 13, 17, and 20 each and 2 MCQs from chapters 12,14, 15, 16, 18, 19, and 21 each)
Short questions
Question No. 2 (8/12)
Chapter 12 = 4
Chapter 14 = 4
Chapter 15 = 4
Question No. 3 (8/12)
Chapter 13 = 3
Chapter 16 = 3
Chapter 17 = 3
Chapter 18 = 3
Question No. 4 (6/9)
Chapter 19 = 3
Chapter 20 = 2
Chapter 21 = 4
Long questions (Attempt ANY THREE questions from FIVE Questions)
Questions No. 5
Chapter 12 = part A
Chapter 13 = Part B
Questions No. 6
Chapter 14 = part A
Chapter 15 = Part B
Questions No. 7
Chapter 16 = part A
Chapter 18 = Part B
Questions No. 8
Chapter 17 = part A
Chapter 19 = Part B
Questions No. 9
Chapter 20 = part A
Chapter 21 = Part B

2nd Year Physics Pairing Scheme 2023

Instead of focusing on the whole course, this plan helps students focus on specific areas, assisting students to learn more. Physics Pairing Scheme 2nd Year 2023 is the best way to pass your final test.

Chapter 12 2 MCQs
Chapter 13 1 MCQs
Chapter 14 2 MCQ
Chapter 15 2 MCQ
Chapter 16 2 MCQs
Chapter 17 1 MCQ
Chapter 18 2 MCQs
Chapter 19 2 MCQs
Chapter 20 1 MCQ
Chapter 21 2 MCQs

Inter-II Pairing Scheme (Physics) for the academic year 2023

Check it out now) and If you’re satisfied with our efforts, tell your friends about it to ensure that they can score top marks in their second-year exams. For any questions you want to be answered, leave us a comment below and we’ll surely be able to answer your question. Do share because sharing is taking care.

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