PCS Syllabus 2022

To find the most qualified, qualified, and appropriate individuals to fill the State Services and other administrative positions within the Punjabi government, the Punjab Public Service Commission conducts a variety of exams. The PCS Exam Pattern has been changed by the Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission from UPPSC Prelims 2018. The new PCS exam format is the basis of UPPSC’s syllabus. This article will give you the UPPSC Prelims and Mains exam patterns for 2022. PCS Exam 2022- The Punjab Civil Services Exam, also known as PCS Exam, is a competitive exam that the Punjab Public Service Commission (Patiala) conducts for the recruitment of the following posts or services. Candidates will receive the Syllabus with compulsory and optional subjects.

PCS Syllabus 2022 Download Online

PCS Syllabus 2022They will prepare for the Exams. Balochistan Civil Service (Executive Branch), i.e. defunct Assistant Commission (A.C) group. BPSC declared 23 candidates to have passed out of the 29 A.C. posts. These officers are designated in the district as DCOs, AEDOs, EDOs in various departments, Secretary of the provincial government, and also in the Balochistan Civil Secretariat, according to their quota.

UPPSC PCS Exam Syllabus

“By section 7-A, 1978 PPSC Ordinance, 1978, the PPSC chairman has approved the Punjab government to make the following policy decisions for regulating the conduct and the results of the combined competitive examination. 1. No. EH-EAC/SO-etc.-Exam-PSC- The procedure, syllabus, and conditions of admission to the “COMBINED competitive examination” likely to be held in_____ shall be as under.

UPPSC PCS Exam Syllabus – (New) PCS Exam Pattern

The examination will be held under the provision of the Service Rules governing recruitment to posts included in this examination. (b) Name, number, and Zonal allocation for the positions will be announced in the National Dailies. These posts have basic pay scales 16 and 17. (c) The commission will announce the exact date of the examination in due course.

PCS Syllabus 2022 | Salient Points of UPPSC New Exam Pattern

The allocation of the posts will follow the policy/rules that are periodically issued by the Government of Punjab.  The Government of Punjab will approve and apply the Block system to appointments. Zonal allocation is subject to change at any stage.

PCS Syllabus 2022

PCS Exam Pattern 2022

Any post may be filled by the Government at its discretion. Recent Update: The interview board composition has been changed by the commission. These changes will bring transparency to the process and improve the quality of the selection process. Interviews will be held with subject matter experts, IAS officers, and IPS officers as well as officers such as ex-judges, brigadiers, and eminent educators. Ex-serviceman of Punjab shall be permitted to subtract the time he served in the Armed Forces of the Union.

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If the resultant age is not greater than the maximum age limit prescribed in the Service Rules for direct appointment to such a vacancy, he will be deemed to have met the age limit. Each paper must be completed by the applicants. The optional papers from each group will also have to be taken.  It is anticipated that the next examination will be held in 2008 and will include a combined examination of BCS and BSS.

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UPPSC PCS Prelims Exam Pattern

The following section contains all the details regarding the division of marks as well as the syllabus for the PCS Exam. The previous devolution plan announced the combined examination for the posts of Section Officer and Assistant Commissioner. However, the 2007 exams of BCS and BSS were taken separately.

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