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The 7th self-enumeration registration via has begun. Digital Census Self-Enumeration Portal will be accessible for download from the 20th of February until the 3rd of March 2023. Please visit the link to create your account. Simply click the Register or Sign Up in case you’re registering your the first time.

Self-Enumeration Registration Apply

self enumeration registrationSelf-enumeration is a novel idea that offers each Pakistani citizen the opportunity to participate in the current 7th digital count. The concept of self-enumeration works in a family-based manner, just like the census. 2023 Last Date

Every member of the household or household can sign up himself and the other members of the household or household that are eating and living together as a family. It is a simple method to identify every member of the household, as well as the entire family members.

Self-Enumeration Registration Portal Login

It is essential to fill out the Registration form in a careful manner. Self-Enumeration is a new idea that allows each Pakistani citizen to join the current 7th Digital Census by going to

Self-Enumeration Portal 2023 Login

The term “Communal Household” refers to institutions like a jail, hostel madrasahs, rehabilitation center orphanage, and old houses, among others. Self-Enumeration IS NOT PERMITTED FOR COLLECTIVE HOUSING. This is the Self-Enumeration Portal 2023 official link is below.

مردم شماری 2023

With this brand new idea of self-enumeration various facilities like hotels, hostels madrasas, orphanages and jails, old homes, rehabilitation centers such as Edhi, and many more are treated as collective homes. In a collective household, self-enumeration isn’t applicable.

خود شماری کا اندراج کیسے کریں؟

Welcome to the Self-Enumeration Portal. The seventh population census and housing census are conducted by the Government of Pakistan. Each Pakistani citizen can be included in the count. app


Self-Enumeration App Pakistan Download

Self-enumeration is similar to a census. It is carried out on a household basis. Every household member who shares meals and sleeps together can be registered in the household. The videos in question can be found on our YouTube page. Self Enumeration

An official representative of the census will visit the residence of the collective after which the representative will record every resident. As a result, the self-enumeration process will be more accessible for all household members as well as individuals. 20 February 2023 is the date that the self-enumeration portal online will be available. To sign up, go to PBS self-count. PBS self-enumeration website.

Mardam Shumari 2023 in Pakistan

Self-enumeration-2023 Registration 2023

Click here to sign up for your account. If you’re registering for the first time, you need to click”Register” or “Sign Up. Fill out the registration form in a careful manner. Self-enumeration is a brand new idea that allows all Pakistani citizens to participate in the current seventh digital census.

Self-Enumeration Registration Online

To register, visit the official website. Hostels, Jails Madrasas Rehabilitation Centers, orphanages, old Houses, and many more. are all included? Self-counting is not allowed in housing in collectives.

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How to Enumerate yourself


  1. Open: -
  2. Click on Register or sign up for first-time registration

3. Fill out the registration form


Step .02.  LOGIN

1. Click on Login

  1. Enter your Mobile Number and Password to verify your identity
  2. Receive OTP for confirmation



  1. Enter the information of your family members (Name, Age, Relationship, Language, Religion, Education, Employment, Migration, Disability, etc.)
  2. The sequence of family members must be ensured.
  3. The head of Household must be entered first


Step .04 Enter Housing Information

  1. After completing the family member information enter the household information. (Status of Household, Owner of House, Material used for a house, Source of drinking water, etc.)


  1. Before submission of Census Questionnaires, it is necessary to verify all the data and if there is a need for any change
    Click on the Relevant field and you can change the information of any Family member or household.



  • In the last step before submission of the census Questionnaire, the system will ask a question
    The information I entered is correct and best of my knowledge
  • Are you sure you want to submit a census questionnaire?
  • Save the UTN Number sent on mobile.

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