Minerva International Scholarship 2022

Minerva International Scholarship 2022 Apply Online-London Language Institute can assist students who want to take advantage of our SDS Immigration stream through our Diploma program or our partner route whereby those who are eligible can be granted an acceptance conditional letter into a post-secondary program dependent on the successful completion of LLI programming. Another chance is open to students from abroad from the Netherlands in the Minerva International Scholarship Funded Foundation for Leiden University. Minerva International Scholarship

Minerva International Scholarship 2022 Apply Online

Minerva International Scholarship 2022 Apply Online

Since 2009 this Minerva Scholarship Fund Foundation (MSF) has been able to provide Leiden University students of all disciplines with grants for study or research. London Language Institute is proud to provide the University/College Pathway Program for international students (ESL) interested in gaining admission to college, high school, and university.


MSF MSF is an ANBI*, which is designed to award scholarship funds to students from Leiden University for study and research projects across a range of academic disciplines. MSF provides support to exceptional and exclusive research projects that are not based in the Netherlands. Furthermore, MSF has an open nature. This means that, not only those who belong to the Leiden Student Association Minerva [Leidse Studenten Vereniging Minerva(LSVM) (LSVM) but also all students at Leiden University may apply for an award. MSF, therefore, contributes to the development of students from Leiden. MSF is an initiative by LSVM and is funded through Leiden University.

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The MSF will also support outstanding student projects abroad. LLI created an educational program that prepares students for academic classes which are offered in English and has established relationships with local high schools and colleges as well as universities across Canada as well as Canada and the United States. Leiden University is among the most prestigious schools in the Netherlands that offer international students to participate in a range of academic programs, with scholarships.

Minerva International Scholarship Funded Foundation For Leiden University

Archaeology, Humanities, Medicine/LUMC, Governance and Global Affairs, Law, Social and Behavioural Sciences, Science, Interfacultair Centrum voor Lerarenopleiding, Onderwijsontwikkeling en Nascholing (ICLON). Admission requirements to university vary with the minimum requirements generally calling for a minimum of 75% in the final academic year in high school.

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The minimum isn’t enough to satisfy the requirements of every university and program. Some of our partners in universities might require minimum GPAs of over 88 percent. The admission process for universities isn’t only determined by GPA scores, but also by an assessment of the classes that were completed in the final academic year in high school.

Minerva International Scholarship 2022 Apply Online

IAAC Online Master Programmes

Certain majors require particular required courses. You must have a distinguished academic level or have studied at a foreign institution or in the Netherlands. The project is classified into any of these categories: internships or study. Ph.D. tracks and completed Master’s programs are not qualified. The nature of your project should be a research study or internship within the program.

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Executive Mba Scholarships

The LLI’s academic Preparation 1 as well as Preparation 2 are prerequisite courses for admission into colleges (Diploma) or undergraduate (Degree) university programs. The deadline for applying for this scholarship program is the 15th of December, so make sure you download and fill out the application form. Attach all necessary documents, and mail them to the address provided. It is the Minerva Scholarship Fund Foundation aims to offer scholarships for studies and research projects across a variety of disciplines of study.

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Minerva University Scholarship

Particularly the MSF is determined to support exceptional and exclusive student projects within the Netherlands and internationally. It is the Minerva Scholarship Fund is an initiative of the Leiden Minerva Student Association.  The program will award you an award of between 900 and 2000 euros for an internship in research or a study assignment in the program.

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Successful participation in the programs must satisfy the criteria for English proficiency as well as satisfy the conditional letter of acceptance. Students are responsible for submitting a full application by the above steps and before the deadline mentioned above.

Minerva International fully funded scholarship program Foundation for Leiden university is open to students of all ages, regardless of nationality.

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Contact our office for more specific information about GPA requirements or requirements. We also encourage you to take this university pathway screen link so that we will immediately determine your suitability for the desired program. Leiden University and MSF cannot be held accountable for incomplete or late applications.

Minerva University International Students

Students who study online will have weekly meetings with LLI teachers and may complete their work at their leisure. Notice that there are two MSF applications per year. Deadlines for both rounds are the fifteenth of April and the 15th of December. Students who are studying online can take tests on the internet.


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