Malaysian International Scholarship 2022

The Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) is an initiative of government officials of the Malaysian Government to draw the most talented minds from around the globe to pursue higher study in Malaysia. The scholarship is designed to aid in the Malaysian Government’s efforts to draw talented, motivated, and committed foreign talent. Malaysia International Scholarship (MIS) is a program of Malaysia’s Malaysian Government to draw outstanding minds from around the globe who wish to study postgraduate in Malaysia.

Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2022

Malaysian International Scholarship 2022

The scholarship runs parallel to Malaysia’s desire to become one of the world’s centers of academic excellence by attracting, motivating, and retaining talent from the world. The application deadline is now open for applicants to those who wish to apply for The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2022. Are you looking to travel to see the amazing treasures of Malaysia?

Eligibility Criteria of the Malaysian International Scholarship 2022:

Malaysian International Scholarship 2022 offered by The Malaysian Government is a fantastic opportunity to experience the world’s wonders in the land of dreams. Talented international students with excellent academic records and outstanding co-curricular backgrounds are welcome to apply for this scholarship and further their studies in any selected and well-established Malaysian public and private universities.

List of Universities to Study Under MIS Scholarship

Interested international graduates with outstanding academic and co-curricular backgrounds are welcome to apply for this scholarship to further their studies in leading Malaysian universities and higher education institutions with the opportunity to enjoy Malaysian hospitality and a world-class higher education experience.


The applications are open to apply for the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2022. The MIS is a Malaysian Government Scholarship that offers an opportunity for international students to study for Master’s and Ph.D. Programs at Malaysian Universities. Malaysia has opened this Scholarship after 2 years finally.  The call for applications for the academic year 2022/2023 is open from 15th May 2022 until 15th June 2022.

Malaysian Government Malaysian International Scholarship 2022-23:

You can also Study in Malaysia without IELTS. There are many Scholarships announced in Malaysia during the Last Few Days. More than 34,500 Participants from 144 Developing countries have benefited. Malaysia is fast becoming a hot favorite with international students. The list of the Universities and more details about the Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2022 are available below.

Malaysian International Scholarship 2022

Malaysia Government Scholarship 2022 Duration:

The MIS is a Malaysian Government Scholarship that offers international students an opportunity to pursue a master’s and Ph.D. Programs in Malaysian universities. Students who are eligible and bright are encouraged to join the ranks of the MIS 2022 program in Malaysia to expand and learn the scope of knowledge within their areas of expertise.

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The Malaysian International Scholarship (MIS) 2022-2023

MTCP is focused on human resource development through capacity-building and training courses which include short-term courses offered by Malaysian both private and public training institutes, as well as long-term courses offered that are offered at Malaysian public university institutions. Study Areas under MIS 2022: MTCP is founded on the notion that the growth of a nation is contingent upon the high quality and quantity of its human capital as well as resources.

Available Fields & Majors For Malaysia Scholarship

Every year the flagship Malaysian MTCP provides over 60 different technical courses and capacity-building courses across a wide range of areas of development to countries in need through partnerships with top local institutions of training and internationally-based development partners. By attracting,

Scholarship 2022

Benefits of Malaysia International Scholarships

The Scholarship is intended for complete postgraduate study (Master/Ph.D.) within Malaysia or any other academic discipline. Participants must not exceed 45 years old. Malaysia has announced this scholarship after two years and at last. It is a good thing that there is no IELTS/TOEFL is required. It is the Malaysian Government that will take care of the cost for all participants.

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Malaysia International Scholarship

The Scholarship will be made available at Malaysian Public Universities. Thus, all those who are focused on improving their personalities and professional capabilities in the ever-changing international arena should take advantage of this opportunity for achievement.

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