K-Electric Bill Check Online 2023

Posted by | Haider on | February 28, 2023

Karachi Electric, often known as KE is a power company that produces and distributes power across the city. The largest electric company within Sindh is Karachi Electric. It is common knowledge that every power company sends bills at the end of each month. Karachi Electric does not differ in this respect. It is a requirement to pay K-Electric bills when you utilize Karachi Power Company’s service.

Your Latest K-electric Duplicate Bill of March 202

k electric bill check   To verify K-Electric duplicate bills online, visit Edupro.pk, Check your bill by entering the reference number 13 digits. You can view your bills online, even if you’re not located in Pakistan. There was a time when people would visit the offices of electric companies to claim lost electricity invoices in the past. They would wait for their numbers in line for hours.

K-Electric Bill Check Online 2023

because the online system hadn’t yet been implemented when the system was first introduced. The internet is now everywhere. You can easily check K-electric bills online. You can also view your utility bills. The most beneficial customers of this service are those who frequently travel to work or for business. They did not keep track of their household expenses before the online method. Nowadays, all users have access to the system’s online bill-checking facility.

K-Electric Duplicate Bill Online

Methods to Pay Your K-Electric bill online 2023. Cash transfer services are now available in Pakistan to pay your K-Electric bill. With this transfer online it is no longer necessary to stand in line to pay your bills in cash. A few of the most well-known methods to pay your bills are described in the following sections:


K-Electric Bill Download Online

Let’s talk about the manual method to pay K-Electric electricity bills. The K-Electric bill is to be paid by hand and takes a lot of time, effort, and energy. The customer must go to the bank and wait in line for the payment by hand. The customer must pay the money one at one time. Bankers will then stamp the invoice copy and return the copy to you.

K-Electric Bill Check Online

K Electric Online Bill Payment

Payments online K-Electric billing is a different alternative K-Electric bill payment alternative. The K-Electric bill-paying on the internet is also free to utilize. Through your bank’s app, you can pay your bill. There are additional charges to pay through surcharges if you fail to pay the bill by the date of due. It’s based on how big the invoice is.


K Electric Bill SMS Service

For Registration – type REG (space) [your 13-digit A/C # (e.g. REG 0100087654321) and then send an email to 8119. After submitting your request, you’ll be sent a confirmation email that confirms your account with K-Electric. K-Electric Mobile service.

For Technical Complain

Registered users can type COMP and then send an email to 8119.
Non-registered users who are not registered: Type COMP (space)[your 13-digit A/C #(e.g. COMP 0100087654321)and then forward your message via 8119.


To verify registered accounts

  • Send an ACCT message to 8119
  • To check Load Shedding
  • Registered users: type LS and transmit your message via 8119.
    Non-registered users: Enter the letter LS (space) [your 13-digit A/C #(e.g. 0100087654321 LS)and then send an email to 8119.

FESCO Bill 2023

K-Electric Contact Numbers

Address: KE House, 39-B, Sunset Boulevard, Phase-II, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Phone: +92-21-3263 7133

Email: [email protected]


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