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ISSB Test Schedule 2023 Test Date

The Inter Services Selection Board (ISSB) has officially released the Test Dates and Schedule for 2023, applicable to candidates aspiring to join the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force (PAF), and Pakistan Navy. This announcement pertains to various courses, including the ISSB 144 PMA L/C, DSSC ICTOs, Navy ISSB PN Courses, and Air Force ISSB PDF Courses.

ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule Announced

ISSB Test ScheduleIn Pakistan, several institutions and academies provide preparatory programs for the ISSB Test. To facilitate aspiring candidates, this comprehensive guide furnishes essential information on the ISSB Test Schedule for 2023. It covers registration procedures, prerequisites, and crucial dates for those dedicated to serving their nation. It is important to underscore the significance of these dates for anyone considering participation in the ISSB Test 2023.

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ISSB Test requirements for female

These tests are obligatory for all individuals aspiring to serve in the Pakistan Army, Navy, or Air Force, as these three entities collectively constitute the primary defense against external threats. The ISSB Test Dates for 2023 and the associated schedules have been made available by official sources, and anyone interested can access the detailed schedules below.

ISSC Test Schedule 2023 JAN – JUN 2023

Course Duration
Army 147 PMA L/C 01 JAN – 08 APR 2023
VMS 21 – 25 JAN 2023
DIS 10 – 16 FEB 2023
Navy PN COURSES 08 APR – 08 MAY 2023
PN COURSES 10 – 06 2023
Air Force PAF COURSES 08 MAY- 14 JUN 2023

ISSB Test Schedule 2023

Before appearing for the ISSB, candidates must first meet the entry test and initial medical examination requirements. Joining the Pakistan Army is a cherished dream for numerous young individuals in Pakistan, as these three branches—Pakistan Army, PAF, and Pakistan Navy—comprise the fundamental bulwark of Pakistan’s defense.

ISSB Test Schedule

ISSB Test Dates 2023 Schedule and Requirements

The ISSB Test is a critical component of the recruitment process, designed to identify potential officers for Pakistan’s defense forces. These officers must possess the necessary skills and capabilities to successfully complete their training. The ISSB Test comprises a battery of internal assessments, encompassing Mechanical Aptitude Tests, Personality Tests, Intelligence Tests, and the final medical selection process.

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