Income Tax Return 2022

ISLAMABAD: The last date for filing the annual income tax returns for the tax year 2022 expires on September 30th, 2022. Official sources informed this Saturday. Now is the time to make an application to register your NTN and get your tax return filed through FBR in the comfort of your own home, too. All you have to do is contact us and we’ll handle everything else. Senior officials at the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) stated that taxpayers who are not corporate taxpayers have to submit an annual income tax return for the tax year 2022 by September 30th, 2022.

Income Tax Return 2022 Last Date

Income Tax Return 2022We offer hassle-free legal service to help our clients “Filer” and file their tax returns on their income and provide the highest protection under the law. They stated that taxpayers such as employees, business persons, associations of persons (AOPs), and businesses that do not have an accounting year between July and June must submit a return of income.

Income Tax Return Form 2022

Tax experts of Hamza and Hamza Law Associates have more than a decade of experience in registering the new NTN and preparing tax returns for income. Corporate entities that have a financial year that runs from July 1 until June 30 have to submit their income tax returns before the end of December every year.

Income Tax Return 2022 Pakistan

To get your brand new NTN Registration online the experts from Hamza & Hamza Law Associates will require to receive the documents listed below and details from their client’s FBR via SRO 978(I)/2022 which was issued on 30 June 2022, issued income tax return forms for the tax year 2022, giving taxpayers the legal deadline to file their tax returns in compliance of returns.

For Income Tax Return Last Date

We guarantee speedy, efficient efficiency, and efficient services. We also promise that your personal information is kept private. Section 14 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001, outlined the different categories of taxpayers who must submit their annual wealth and income statement. Once we have received all details,

Income Tax Return Form 2022

we will prepare an initial version of the FBR tax return which is submitted together with FBR following your consent and your satisfaction. The company has been granted a National Tax Number; or for providing a variety of effective, secure, and efficient solutions Hamza and Hamza Law Associates is now widely acknowledged to be amongst the best lawyers in Pakistan.

Income Tax Return 2022

Last Date Of Income Tax Return In Pakistan

The firm is the holder of an industrial or commercial connection to electricity whose annual bills exceed rupees five hundred thousand. This provides the answers to why everybody is speaking about Hamza as well as Hamza Law Associates.

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Income Tax Return 2022 Pakistan

is a resident that is registered in any Chamber of Commerce or industry, any business or trade association, any market committee, or any professional body like Pakistan Engineering Council, Pakistan Medical and Dental Council, Pakistan Bar Council, or any Provincial Bar Council,

Persons Withholding Tax Payment Due Date In Pakistan

Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan or Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan and is also a resident who is required to submit a foreign income and assets statement by section 116A.

Tax Return Form For Salaried

The only thing we need from you at Hamza and Hamza Law Associates is that you supply us with the necessary documents and details via email, WhatsApp, or a private meeting and we will take charge of the other. The FBR stated that the filing of tax returns on income is required for individuals or groups of people notifying the Board after the approval of the Minister in charge.

Last Date Of Income Tax Return In Pakistan

We seek solutions that place our clients in the most favorable place to meet their objectives and reap the maximum tax advantages. Further, the law states that it is required for any individual whose income is under the heading “Income from Business” exceeds three hundred thousand rupees but is not over rupees four hundred thousand within the tax year.

How To File Income Tax Return After Due Date

Taxpayers are also required to file a return of income earned in this tax period. FBR as well as PRA tax audits as well as tax collection cases penalty waivers as well as tax appeals. Because of our constant contact with tax authorities We have a thorough knowledge of the procedural and legal aspects of Tax disputes. We also recognize the specificity of each tax dispute.

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Kempe is a specialist on international tax laws that applies to foreign workers and students and his comments were regarding the tax exemption of five years that students are entitled to upon their first arrival in the United States. The United States.

Income tax filing due dates for FY 2021-22 (AY 2022-23)

Category of Taxpayer Due Date for Tax Filing-
FY 2021-22 *
(unless extended)
Individual / HUF/ AOP/ BOI
(books of accounts not required to be audited)
31st July 2022
Businesses (Requiring Audit) 31st October 2022
Businesses (Requiring TP Report) 30th November 2022

Tax Return Online In Pakistan

The clock begins from the year of their arrival regardless of whether like the client, Kempe has that one has only spent a few moments living in America. The U.S. We from Hamza and Hamza Law Associates have been successful in filing Tax Returns on behalf of our valued clients to help them be eligible for taxes in Pakistan. We also provide services to those who have a dispute regarding customs.

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