IIUI Scholarship 2023

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IIUI Scholarship 2023-International Islamic University Islamabad offers scholarships to deserving and poor students. These scholarships offer financial assistance to students in order to help them further their education. These scholarships are designed to help students overcome any obstacles or distractions that may prevent them from achieving their dreams and goals.

International Islamic University, Scholarship

iiui scholarship On the first day of the 15th century Hijri, i.e. 1 Muharram 1401 (November 11, 1980). This historic moment marks the dawn of a new century and symbolizes the hopes and aspirations of the Muslim Ummah to achieve an Islamic renaissance. This university was established to produce scholars and practitioners committed to Islamic ideology. It also meets the needs of the Muslim Ummah in terms of technology, economics, and intellectual.

IIUI Scholarship 2023 iiu.edu.pk

International Islamic University Islamabad (IIU) and HEC invited applications from students of IUI Islamabad to receive the Need Base Scholarship. These scholarships, which are need-based, are available at IIU Islamabad. The scholarship will be given to students of lower middle and poor class through the NBS form.

HEC Requires Base Scholarships 2023 for International Islamic University IIU Islamabad

  1. IIUI can verify the authenticity and reliability of information submitted by scholarship-seeking students by cross-checking data provided by applicants.
  2. IIU reserves its right to call parents of students applying for scholarships in order to clarify data. The IIU Committee can also assign someone to verify the students’ data.
  3. These awards are for students who have been admitted to International Islamic University Islamabad.
  4. Scholarships will only be granted if funds are available.

Apply Online

HEC Need Base Scholarships Application 2023

  • To be eligible for the basic scholarship, you must be admitted to International Islamic University Islamabad. For more details, visit the following link www.iiu.edu.pk/scholarships/HEC Need-based scholarships.
  • The UAFA Podium Office in Ghazi Umar Farooq (RA), Block, Zone A has the application form for Need Base Scholarship.
  • You can get/download the application form from

PEC Trainee Engineers Program-iiui scholarship

  • www.iiu.edu.pk/scholarships/HEC Need Base Scholarships.
  • Send the HEC Need Base Scholarship application, complete and with all required documents, to the UAFA office. In the event that a form is submitted to an office other than UAFA, candidates will be responsible.
  • All forms will be evaluated by the IIU Committee on a merit basis. Only short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview.

IIUI BEEF Scholarships 2021 2023

Marks Grade Point
80 & above A 4.00
75-79.99% B+ 3.50
70-74.99% B 3.00
65-69.99% C+ 2.50
60-64.99% C 2.00
55-59.99% D+ 1.50
50-54.99% D 1.00
Below 50% F 00


Students who are rejected by HEC will be responsible for their own education costs. The Scholarship Management Committee (SMC), of HEC, will approve need-based scholarships. The Need Base Scholarship Form must be submitted by July 20, 222.

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