Hajvery University HU Admission 2023

Posted by | Haider on | March 4, 2023

Hajvery University HU Admission 2023 – All information regarding admission to Hajvery University has been released. Candidates want to learn about the history of the institution to which they are applying before accepting admission. Hajvery University has been approved by HEC. All faculty members are Ph.D. Students and students can use the hostel and transport facilities.

Hajvery University HU Admission 2023 Last date Form

Hajvery University HU Admission Comparable to other providers offer multiple programs at once. They have also launched an e-library, which is a convenient option for students. These facilities are a big draw for students. For the benefit of students, Hajvery University Humanities Admission 2023 Last Date Form has been released.

hajvery.edu.pk Admission 2023

This page does not contain the Hajvery University Admission 2023 Final Date Form. Haywire University has many departments, including HU Business School and Humanities and Social Sciences. School of Engineering, School of Media Studies, and School of Mathematics. School of Mathematics. School of Fashion Design, Commerce and Banking. School of Pharmacy. Computer science.

Hajvery University Admission 2023

These departments offer students quality education, as well as many other facilities such as highly qualified faculty, the latest teaching aids, and a library.

Hajvery University HU Admission 2023

Hajvery University Admissions 2023 Last Date to Apply Online

The last date to apply has been released by Haywire University. The deadline for applications is February 2023. All candidates applying now must submit their applications before this date. The administration will not process any applications after this date.

Apply Online

Hajvery University HU Lahore Admission 2023 Last date

This university has the greatest advantage because it is in the center of Lahore, while other universities are further away. The university isn’t content with Lahore. It is building another impressive building in Multan, the third largest city in Pakistan. You can apply online at Haywire University HU Admission 2023 Final Date Form.

Hajvery University Undergraduate Admissions BBA, LLB
    BBA     BBA Marketing
    BCom Hons     LLB Hons
    BSc Hons Film TV and Media Studies     Doctor of Physiotherapy
    BS Hons Aviation Management     Doctor of Physical Therapy
    Pharm D     LLB
    BE Electrical Engineering     BCom IT
    BS Hons Electrical Engineering     BSc Hons Home Economics
    BA English     BS Hons Advertising
    BS Tech Hons     BS Hons Electronics
    BA Hons Fashion Designing     BS Aviation Technology
    BA     BS Electrical Technology
    BSc     BSCS
    BA Hons Textile Design     BS Hons
    BS Hons Tech Electrical Technology     BBA (Hons)
    BS Hons Tech Mechanical Technology     BS Tech Electrical
    BS Hons Tech Civil Technology     BS Tech Civil
    BS Hons Computer Science     BBA Human Resource Management
    BA Economics     BBA Banking and Finance
    BS Hons TECH Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Technology
Hajvery University MBA, LLM Admissions
    MBA     MBA Supply Chain Management
    MCom     MBA Human Resource Management
    MSc Islamic Banking and Finance     MBA Marketing
    MSc Accounting and Finance     MBA Entrepreneurship
    MSc Media Studies     MS
    MS Computer Science     ME Electrical Engineering
    MS Fashion Designing     MSc Electrical Engineering
    MSc Economics     MSc Software Engineering
    MA English     MSc Information Technology
    MA Textile Design     MS Commerce
    MBA Executive     MSc Electronic and Telecommunication
    MCom Banking     LLM
    MCom Finance     MS Public Health
    MCom Accounting     MBA Aviation Management
    MBA Banking and Finance     MA Hons Fashion Design
    MSc Computer Science
Hajvery University MPhil Admissions
    MPhil Management Sciences     MPhil Computer Science
    MPhil Pharmacy     MPhil BioStatistics
    MPhil Banking and Finance     MPhil Islamic Studies
    MPhil Marketing     MPhil Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
    MPhil Statistics     MPhil Pharmacy (Pharmacology)
    MPhil Mathematics     MPhil Business
    MPhil Commerce
Hajvery University Ph.D. Admissions
    Ph.D. Management Sciences     Ph.D. Mathematics
    Ph.D. Statistics     Ph.D. Biostatistics
    Ph.D. Commerce     Ph.D. Computer Science
    Ph.D. Banking and Finance     Ph.D. Islamic Studies
    Ph.D. Marketing     Ph.D. Pharmaceutics
    Ph.D. Pharmacy     Ph.D. Pharmacology

How to Apply for Hajvery University Admission

Haywire University Lahore admissions are open to interested applicants. You can submit your application as soon as possible. The official advertisement for the institution contains detailed information about the application process, the online application procedure, and contact details. You can also find the official website at hup.edu.pk.

Pakistan Railway Salary Slip 2023

Hajvery University Contact Number

    Phone Number 042-111-777-007
    Fax +92 42 3 575 5564
    Email [email protected]
    Website www.hup.edu.pk
    Affiliation HEC Recognized
  Address 43-52 Industrial Area, Gulberg III, Lahore



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