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HEC Research Repository 2022 Access to information and knowledge is the overall goal of UNESCO’s mission to encourage the circulation of information through words and images and to bring knowledge and information into the hands of people. UNESCO strives to create an environment that can provide opportunities for all people to access knowledge and information. Open Access to knowledge and information is a novel method of communication between scholars within the digital age aimed towards achieving universal access to knowledge and information.

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HEC Research Repository 2022 In addition, Open Access helps the digital inclusion of people living in countries with poor infrastructure by making accessible the full text of scholarly publications as well as collections of documentary heritage and related literature for development The Digital Library remains a knowledge repository for such people as well as indigenous communities, indigenous peoples, and institutions. Open Access to knowledge is an ideal model that has been adopted by a variety of intergovernmental and international forums including the WSIS, for instance.

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World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) to assist in the dissemination of full-text materials for online users. This South Asia sub-region is now leading this Open Access movement in developing nations around the globe India is the leading partner for its success with Open Access as well as Digital Library projects. Policy and institutional frameworks in India are also facilitating innovative ways to improve the access and visibility of documents and scholarly writing in the country.

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This publication was born in the proceedings and recommendations of UNESCO-supported world-class conferences and workshops such as those of the 4 International Conference of Asian Digital Libraries (ICADL2001, Bangalore) as well as The International Conferences on Digital Libraries (ICDL2004 and ICDL2006, New Delhi); and the International Workshop on Greenstone Digital Library software (2006, Kozhikode), where several information professionals from the sub-region presented the benefits of their Digital Library and Open Access Initiatives.

HEC Research Repository 2022

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It also discusses successful projects within and around the South Asia subregion bringing closer to the world’s people, the topic of access to documents and literature. It is therefore a reliable sourcebook on Open Access Development in this sub-region. The advent of digital media for communication especially the Internet has enabled researchers to gain access to and share information to increase research capabilities across the globe.

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HEC Thesis Repository 2022

Technology advancements in the area of electronic information networks have helped professionals in the field of information to manage and access information resources for development and research goals. Web-based resource management helps scholars preserve their research output and allows other scholars to access the needed information promptly and with accuracy.

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The purpose of this study was to examine the current practices of the web-based digital resource management systems in Bangladesh regarding access to information across the globe as well as knowledge management. The study analyzed related research that was published in a variety of international and national journals, and additionally, other sources.

3530 Natural Sciences
1995 Applied Sciences
1313 Social Sciences
1250 Mathematics
1207 Chemistry & allied sciences
1199 Chemistry
1188 Biology
1133 Education
1056 Biological & Medical Sciences
1013 Physical Sciences
5038 2020 – 2022
10998 2010 – 2019
2951 2000 – 2009
965 1990 – 1999
328 1980 – 1989
141 1970 – 1979
43 1960 – 1969
16 1950 – 1959
27 1940 – 1949
3 1933 – 1939

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Fraud and misconduct in the academic world have always been a huge problem for researchers from developing countries and institutions like those of the Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan have been trying to prevent this evil aspect of science by blocking academics who engage in these illegal practices.1 Furthermore, recent studies that address the issue of scholarly fraudulent graduates and the black market call for us to tackle this problem more seriously.

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