HEC Journal Recognition System 2022

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan has established the Journal Recognition System (HJRS) and classified journals into three categories namely W, X, and Y, based on the application of international guidelines for journal evaluation. Are you searching for the list of journals for research that has been approved by the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan to assist you with your research or studies? Since the recent introduction of the HEC Journal Recognition System (HJRS) accessing this list of HEC acknowledged journals is now simpler than ever before.

HEC Journal Recognition System 2022

HEC Journal Recognition System 2022HEC Journal Recognition System is an authentic collection of research journals that are ranked in categorical categories that are based on the use of various ranking parameters. It is based on a proprietary algorithm developed to encourage quality research across different disciplines. Research journals are described as scholarly journals that contain articles written by researchers, professors, and specialists in various disciplines.

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HJRS permits the perception of the rank of the journal as global within a specific subject and subcategories. The goal of this type of journal is to publish the latest research in particular areas of research.

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A set of research journals is classified into three categories: W, X, and -(where there is a W category that’s the most acknowledged category, followed by the X and Y categories. )Within their respective research areas according to various internationally accepted and benchmarked indicators which measure the quality of a journal.

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As we’ve already covered how to access an inventory of HEC-recognized schools in Pakistan in greater detail and will discuss how you can use HEC’s HEC Journal Recognition System to gain access to the list of HEC-recognized journals from medicine, social sciences, along with other areas.

HEC Journal Recognition System 2022

HEC Recognized Journals Research Publications

The relative ranking and classification of each journal are determined through a proprietary algorithm that is developed to promote high-quality research across a variety of disciplines. Higher Education Commission Higher Education Commission is the principal regulator in Pakistan and is responsible for funding and the development of higher education institutions.

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HEC Recognized Journals 2022

(Credits Facebook/HEC) The Higher Education Commission, more frequently referred to as HEC is an organization that is a part of the Government of Pakistan to provide and supervise the main financing, regulation, and accreditation of higher education institutions in Pakistan. The commission was founded in 1947 under the name of the University Grants Commission (UGC) and then rebranded as HEC in 2002.

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The commission is accountable for the growth and improvement of higher education in Pakistan. HEC Journal Recognition System HEC Journal Recognition System is an online repository of HEC-recognized journals. The system was introduced earlier in the year to help promote high-quality research across different areas of study.

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HEC Journal Recognition System is an assortment of research journals that are classified into three distinct categories – W, X,, and Y -within their specific knowledge fields by several internationally recognized and benchmarked metrics that evaluate the quality of the journal. HJRS classifies HEC-recognized journals into three categories: W, X, and Y according to their quality.

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This is assessed using internationally accepted and benchmarked prestige metrics that are known as Journal Prestige Index (JPI). The system is now online and encompasses a broad selection of HEC research journals that span all subject areas and disciplines by JACS. Journal of the American Chemical Society.

HEC recognized journals under Different Areas
Agriculture Sciences Check here
Arts and Humanities Check here
Biological and Health Sciences Check here
Education and HR Check here
Engineering and Technology Check here
Management Sciences Check here
Mathematical and Physical Sciences Check here
Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences Check here

HEC Recognized Medical Journals 2022

It is possible to access this system by logging into the HEC Journal Recognition System by logging onto the official HEC website and then hovering your mouse over the word “R&D” in the upper navigation panel. Choose ‘HEC Recognised Journals from the drop-down menu. Once you select it, you will be taken to a website that provides all relevant information as well as links to the most recent list of HEC-recognized journals in those disciplines.

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