HEC Attestation 2023 Portal

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The online degree verification system of HEC was launched that will speed up the process to facilitate those applying to verify their degrees. Higher Education Commission HEC has released Degree Verification. A new system for online verification was launched. The concept of convenience has been redefined.

HEC Attestation 2023 Portal

HEC AttestationThe Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC) is the most prestigious educational institution in Pakistan. It not only oversees the system of education and approves charters for universities with careful examination, but also participates in the process of examining degrees to confirm their validity of degrees.


HEC validates diplomas, degrees, or degrees given by HEC-recognized universities that could be government or private only. Furthermore, it does not accept foreign degrees. For a long time, HEC provided verification services only within Islamabad city. To make it easier for people to use, HEC has also opened two additional services for verification at its regional centers that began on June 3rd, 2013.

HEC Degree Attestation 2023 Portal

. The official timings for verification of degrees are announced between 8 am to 11 am. At this time the token numbers are distributed to allow you to wait for your turn. 240 tokens are distributed for the day. Any number greater than this will not be allowed or even taken into consideration. Additionally, they don’t overstay their time to entertain applicants. It is also possible to apply online on the HEC official site for verification of the degree.

HEC Degree Attestation

HEC Attestation System

A fee is imposed by HEC to verify documents. It costs the amount of Rs. 800 to validate the original document, and the amount is Rs. 500 for attestation of photocopied degree/diploma/certificate. Those who go in person have to pay the fee over the counter but those who apply online and don’t go in person have to submit their charges to OCS which also provides shipment service for verification of degree/diploma/certificate. OCS shipping service costs are at the rate of Rs. 155 for Islamabad and Rs. 240 (excluding the confirmation fee) for the rest of Pakistan.

HEC Attestation System  Apply Online

HEC Degree Verification Process:

  • Goto eportal.hec.gov.pk
  • Fill out the form.
  • Choose the document to be attested.
  • Printout of form
  • Attach your CNIC copy with the form.
  • Attach documents given below:
  1. Certificate of Matriculation
  2. Certificate of Intermediate
  3. Mark Sheet of Bachelors, Masters & M.Phil.
  4. Degree of Bachelors, Masters & M.Phil.

Procedure for Online HEC Degree Attestation 2023

Degree Attestation through Courier Service Details
Requirements for Attestation Details
HEC – E-Services Portal Details

Documents that are required to verify

  1. The application form must be filled in and the challan form, or courier receipts, if required, to be verified by the courier service.
  2. A clear photocopy of a valid identification card of the national or passport (in the case of foreign nationals only) is required.
  3. The applicants are required to submit original documentation of any previous qualifications (next up to Matric) as well as other pertinent documents, along with an additional set of photocopies when they submit their degree verification. Original degree(s) is required with transcripts for any degree beyond the Bachelor.
  4. The submission of a transcript or a result card with the degree is required even if verification isn’t required.
  5. In the case of a professional degree/diploma or accreditation, you must obtain registration and/or accreditation from the appropriate professional body.


  1. When the documentation is presented by a different person then the degree-holder must be submitted with an authorization letter must be sent by the degree-holder the person authorized together and the CNIC of the person who is assigned to submit them certified by an official with a grade of 17 or over. Copy is required.
  2. A photocopier of CNIC/passport documents and other documents needed to be authenticated to create an HEC record.
Type of Document Fee per copy
Original Degree/Mark Sheet PKR 800
Photocopy of Degree/Mark Sheet PKR 500
  1. Two copies of educational documents can be supplied if the applicant also requires attestation for copies of documents. Please submit attested photocopies of documents for education with a stamped attestation with enough space to affix your signature and a stamp.
  2. Copy of the Old CNIC with Father’s Name Nikah Nama or Nikah Nama is only available for brides whose Name on Degree/Transcript and Father’s Name does not match the details on CNIC.
  3. Additional documents are available on a case-by-case basis as well as when requested.

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