HEC Approved Supervisor List 2022

Doctoral studies aim to develop the research abilities and skills that are required to research on their own. Supervisors play a significant part in this process, instructing students about trends in research as well as providing guidance to their academic careers generally. Affirmed Ph.D. The supervisor Program was initially established through the University Grant Commission. In the end, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) was established as the principal authority for reviewing and approving faculty members and researchers to supervise Ph.D. students.

HEC Approved Supervisor List 2022

HEC Approved Supervisor List 2022However, the PCST’s primary focus was on only the field that is Science and Technology. The program was restructured in February 2004. the entire program was taken over by the Higher Education Commission, Islamabad. The applicant must be approved for a Ph.D. research outline and topic by the Board of Advanced Studies and Research (BASR) Of the Directorate of Advanced Studies and Research (DASR) or a similar institution of the university.

HEC Approved Supervisor & List 2022 PDF

The purpose of this project was to find and register highly qualified active, active and knowledgeable scholars and researchers among the faculty of HEC recognized universities/degree Awarding Institutions (DAIs) and R&D Organizations. The reason for this program was the selection of Ph.D. supervisors for students pursuing doctoral studies funded by the various HEC Ph.D. scholarships.

HEC Approved Supervisor list 2022

This HEC Approved Supervisors program seeks to support Ph.D. students in this respect by bringing them together with highly qualified as well as experienced professors from HEC recognized universities, institutions that award degrees, and R&D institutions. Ph.D. students who receive funding under HEC in-country scholarships will be able to work with supervisors who are HEC approved for three years.

HEC Approved Supervisor Criteria

HEC has completely revamped the process of becoming an HEC Approved Supervisor since December 2016 and moved from a manual to an online system. All Ph.D. supervisors who are approved ( in case they are not filled) or applicants who are new to the field must register and update their profile through the HEC’s E-portal.

HEC Approved Supervisor List 2022

HEC Approved Supervisor Renewal

The profiles of the Ph.D. faculty that were approved and updated up to November 16th, 2016 (the list is available in the right navigation) have been already connected to E-Portal’s online database. They will need to make their profile through E-Portal for the sole purpose of becoming part of the Online database.

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Doctoral degree HEC attested and/or Equivalence certificate needs to be submitted ( HEC and Non-HEC Scholars both). The applications on E Portal will be re-evaluated and accepted if they meet the requirements. They will be viewed as being ‘Re-Evaluation’ under Review. All Ph.D. supervisors on this list must submit a new application on the HEC E-Portal as this list will soon be removed.


The goal of this program is to improve the capabilities of researchers and Ph.D. scholars as well as to establish links between Pakistani as well as foreign institutions.HEC accepts applications for IOI IASIP all year. Fellowships are granted every quarter after a thorough review of the submission. He/She must have an official acceptance/invitation letter for research from a foreign university/institute/laboratory.

Name Designation Subject
Maqsood Haider Assistant Professor Management
Javed Iqbal HOD Geological Engineering
Adil Hussain Assistant Professor Cell & Molecular Biology
Alia Niaz Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences
Bushra Assistant Professor Biochemistry
Gauhar Rehman Assistant Professor Molecular Genetics
Hazrat Hussain Associate Professor Polymer Physical Chemistry
Majid Khan Assistant Professor Materials Processing
Maqsood Hayat Assistant Professor Computer Science
Muhsin Jamal Assistant Professor Virology and Immunology
Mukhtaj Khan Assistant Professor Computer Engineering
Nadeem Iqbal Assistant Professor Bio & Brain Engineering
Shahid Jan Associate Professor Management Science
Rehana Rehman Assistant Professor Physiology
Atif Hasan Soori Assistant Professor Pure Mathematics
Muhammad Shoaib Arif Assistant Professor Applied Mathematics
Rubina Nasir Assistant Professor Physics
Shahryar Saleem Assistant Professor Electrical Engineering
Zareena Kausar Assistant Professor Robotics
Adnan Riaz Assistant Professor Human Resource Management
Attaullah Shah Director Civil Engineering
Hidayat Khan Assistant Professor Shari’ah & Law
Muhammad Arshad Awan Lecturer Computer Science
Muhammad Tarique Tunio Lecturer Animal Nutrition & Feed Sciences
Aamer Ikram Professor Microbiology
Muhammad Tahir Khadim Professor Histopathology
Saleem Ahmed Khan Professor Pathology
Faisal Hafeez Assistant Entomologist Agriculture Entomology
Farhad Ali Assistant Professor Biotechnology
Muhammad Iqbal Lecturer Chemistry


The university/institution must be listed in the top 200 university list as per Times Ranking of World Universities either in the general category or in the relevant subject of the applicant. It is the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan that provides a six-month research fellowship abroad for full-time Ph.D. scholars who are enrolled in universities of higher education in Pakistan as well as AJK through its internationally-based Research Support Initiative Programme ( IRSIP).

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