Google Career Certificates 2022

Google Career Certificates 2022-Google careers certificates rank among the top well-known professional certificates that you can obtain online. They’re designed and provided by Google within the Google career certification program that is designed to assist people who have no previous experience to develop the skills needed for employment and gaining access to jobs in the IT sector. In this in-depth review, you’ll find all you should be aware of about Google career certificates. We’ve signed up for the program and have completed the six certifications. We completed all the classes and passed all tests.

Google Career Certificates 2022

Google Career Certificates 2022Our goal is to assist you to understand how the Google career program functions as well as what each certification provides costs, what it is and how long it takes to be certified, and the career opportunities you could pursue as a Google-qualified professional. Google Career certificates can be described as basic professional certifications created by Google experts.

Google Career Certificates 2022 Launched in Pakistan

The program offers six certifications. Each certificate is comprised of numerous online classes that aid in developing the skills needed to begin a career as a support technician for IT, UX Design, Computer Programming and Data Analytics and Project management or digital Marketing and eCommerce. The thing that makes this course is that you don’t have to have previous expertise or prior knowledge to take the courses.

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The program is designed to assist people in learning the basics and gaining entry-level jobs. Google career certificates are provided through Coursera and cost between $156 to $312. The typical time to earn the certification ranges from 4 and 8 months. Coursera utilizes an annual subscription model which is priced at $39.

Google Career Certificates 2022

Best Google Career Certificates For 2022 (Review)

That means for each month you’re enrolled to receive the certificate, you’ll need to spend $39. The table below illustrates the time it takes you to become certified working for 30 hours each week on average. If you can complete your certification sooner than what is stated above then it will cost less, but from our experience, it’s impossible.

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There’s a lot of information to be covered in each class and to study each lesson and exam properly, you’ll have to set aside sufficient time. Google grants funding through the Social Finance initiative. The application process is simple. financing and receive the course for free. You can pay back the cost of the certificate by settling it into monthly instalments if you land an employment offer with an annual minimum wage of at least 40K per year.

Google Professional Certificate Training Programs

This Google IT Support Professional Certificate is the most sought-after Google certification for career advancement. It will prepare students for entry into the IT field as support specialists. The certificate comprises five online courses that take an average of six months to finish. The courses cover subjects: fundamentals of technical support and operating systems, networking on computers management, system administration, and security for IT.

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After completing this certification you’ll be eligible to take a job interview for entry-level positions and be employed as an IT support specialist or junior system administrator and system analyst. The salary starting point of an entry-level IT Support Specialist in the US is about $50,000 annually.

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Professionals with more years of experience (10or more years) can be promoted to more senior Information Technology experts and make $69K annually. It is recommended to pursue this certificate when you enjoy using computers (operating systems or networks, hardware) and solving problems or helping people.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate $234 6 months
Google UX Design Professional Certificate $156 4 months
Google IT Automation With Python Professional Certificate $156 4 months
Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate $312 8 months
Google Project Management Professional Certificate $156 4 months
Google Digital Marketing & eCommerce Professional Certificate $234 6 months

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The certificate includes seven online courses that are expected to take four months to finish. The courses cover areas: the fundamentals of UX design, creating wireframes, conducting UX research, and developing websites and mobile app prototypes. This is a very practical course that, in addition to teaching you the basics of user experience design also helps you develop the skills needed to work using popular tools such as Figma as well as Adobe XD.

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