Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2022

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2022-Are you concerned about not receiving top marks on the CSS gender studies essay? Do not be concerned, because you can easily get excellent marks in the CSS gender studies exam by reading our study guide and studying the entire available and recommended study materials available to students on our page. Gender Study CSS Syllabus 2021 can be an elective subject within CSS from Group V and attracted the attention of CSS applicants after an overhaul of the CSS syllabus in the year 2016. The CSS Gender Studies paper is a significant one in the selection of subject choices that are made by CSS applicants.

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2022

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2022Gender Studies is high scoring subject when compared with other subjects in group V. Previous papers from CSS 2021 Gender Studies can help to gain a better understanding of the syllabus of the Gender Studies CSS Syllabus. Gender studies papers in CSS are classified in category five of the available CSS exams.

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus– Gender Studies JWT 2022

Feminist Movements in the west, First Wave, Second Wave, and 3rd Wave, United Nations Conference on Women, Feminist Movements in Pakistan The gender studies paper is composed of 100 marks toward the CSS applicant’s total marks. Perspectives of the colonial and capitalist view of gender as well as gender analysis of development Theories, Modernization theory, World System.

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus– Gender Studies JWT 2022

The paper covers Dependency Theory, Structural Functionalism, how Gender approaches Development, Women in Development (WID), Women and Development (WAD), Gender and Development (GAD), Gender criticism of Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs) Globalization, and Gender.

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You will be able to pass your CSS gender studies exam with a focus on the primary syllabus, which includes a range of topics including Feminist Theories and Practice, Gender and Development, Status of Women in Pakistan and Gender-based Violence, the introduction of Gender studies, Feminist Movements, Gender and Governance, and case studies.

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2022

Gender and the Social Construction

A total of 100 Marks is set for Gender Studies Paper. The Gender Studies Syllabus of FPSC of the CSS 2021 examination is available here students who are planning their upcoming CSS gender studies paper will comfortably score top marks since it is a highly sought-after paper for scoring top marks in your CSS final exam.


Gender Studies Syllabus

Gender Studies contain the following syllabus for the CSS Examination and this syllabus is released by FPSC. Definition of Governance, Suffragist Movement, Gender Issues in Women as voters, Gender Issues in Women as candidates, Gender Issues in Women as representatives, and the Impact on the political quota system in Pakistan.

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Gender Studies Syllabus Contents

If we look through the mentioned syllabus of Gender studies, we will discover certain subjects that are basic and require little preparation. It should also be taken into consideration this: Current Affairs regarding this subject can play a significant part in achieving a high grade on this subject.

Feminist theories and practices

Make sure to study the previous papers from CSS 2020 which will bring the full picture of this Subject in gender studies CSS syllabus 2021.   Although the theories may be difficult, a well-planned and regular schedule for preparation will be able to overcome these challenges.  Theory and the gender studies paper is comprised of Part A and Part B with each section containing 50 marks.

Gender Studies JWT 2022

Candidates and CSS applicants need to be attentive to the solution of CSS gender studies past papers to get an idea of the types of questions are to be expected in the coming CSS exams and also increase their speed of paper attempts by completing CSS gender past papers as precisely and efficiently that they can.

S.No. Title Author
1. Theories of Women Studies Eds., Bowles. Gloria and
Renate D. Klein
2. Introduction: Theories of Women Studies and the Autonomy/ Integration Debate in Theories of Women Studies. Bowles G and Renate, K.
3. The State of the Discipline of Women Studies in
Pakistan in Social Sciences in Pakistan
Saigol, Rubina
4. The State of Women Studies in Pakistan in
Journal of Asian Women Studies
Bari, Farzana
5. Women’s Law in Legal Education and Practice in Pakistan. Shaheed, F. and Mehdi, R. (ed.) (1997)
6. Locating the self: Perspectives on Women and
Multiple Identities.
Khan, N.S. et al.(ed.) (1998)
7. The Social Construction of Gender Lorber, Judith
8. Queer Theory Lorber, Judith
9. Gender, USA, Harriet Bradley(2013)
10. Women of Pakistan: Two Steps Forward, One
Step Back.
Mumtaz, Khawar& Shaheed, Farida(1987)

Gender Studies Online 2022

You can write the Gender Study paper easily by following the syllabus below and this is a highly scored topic for Group Five. Define gender-based violence, Theories of women’s violence Direct and structural forms of violence, and strategies to stop the violence toward women.

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