GAS APPLICATION ONLINE Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited SNGPL application status check through CNIC is extremely easy to determine the exact date of will be the time the newly installed SNGPL gas connection is installed. SNGPL has offered us the ability to check your application status using its online platform. Sui Northern Gas pipeline limited SNGPL provides an online application system. The domestic gas connection is now able to be made through an online system.



If you’re not educated and unable to access the Internet you can simply dial the helpline 1199 for Sui Gas and then through an online operator determine the status of your application by providing your CNIC details.

SNGPL Application Status Check By CNIC

After the Government announced a moratorium, as per government Directives, SSGCL stopped processing domestic connections for individuals. Enter your Customer Number to see what is happening with your gas account.


SNGPL Online Application facility is a positive step taken by the government towards digitization. Many people have been asking for a method that would allow them to Sui Gas Online application or SNGPL Application Status Check through CNIC. Sui Gas Domestic Connection becomes an issue in Pakistan It isn’t easy to obtain gas connections without paying the Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited employees. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited.

SNGPL Application Status Check By CNIC

CNIC information also assists in determining what is happening with the SNGPL application. But, it is an uncomfortable method to determine the status. If you have submitted your application in person via the office or agent. This is only applicable to SNGPL Online Application Domestic connections.

SNGPL Online Application for Domestic Connection

To apply for a new gas meter, it is essential to ensure that SNGPL’s primary pipeline infrastructure is in place within the vicinity of the property where you’re seeking an Online Sui Gas Online Application. In the event of a non-existent pipeline, the SNGPL Online Application may be canceled at any point during the application process.


Conditions for Sui Gas Online Application

SNGPL Application status can easily be checked by calling 1199, however, in rare circumstances, it’s also difficult to determine when you’ve completed your application via one of the agents or manually, then the application may not be included in SNGPL’s online application system. SNGPL.

Apply Online

Documents Required for SNGPL Online Application

The most significant change is that SNGPL has stopped using the quota system for the installation of sui gas connections in specific areas, etc. There is now a regular procedure that every applicant is required to undergo to be approved for installation.

Extension of SNGPL Main Gas Pipeline

The manual connection process for Sui Gas for residence use can take a long time, however, now SNGPL Higher authority has solved this issue and offers an online application system that allows you to stay clear of official work and apply now through the online procedure system. It is recommended to call 1199 and inquire about the status of the application.

Sui Northern Gas New Connection Submit Online Application

After you connect to the helpline operator, you must provide the CNIC number where the application was submitted. However, this service is only available to consumers in the United States and could be expanded to all kinds of SNGPL new connections.

Description Scheme 1 Scheme 2
Form Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs. 12 Rs. 12
Processing Fee (Non-Refundable) Rs. 413* Rs. 413*
Gas Security Deposit (Interest-Free, Refundable) Rs. 500 Rs. 500
Deposit (Interest-Free, Refundable) Rs. 6000 Rs. 1000
Deposit in 8 installments (Interest-Free, Refundable) N/A Rs. 5000†
Total Rs. 6925 Rs. 6925

SNGPL Application Status Check by CNIC (2022)

If SNGPL principal gas pipeline network isn’t present at your location, then a request for an extension for the Extension of the SNGPL Main Gas Pipeline can be submitted to SNGPL authorities. Who decides on merit whether pipelines can be installed at the location or if SNGPL can fund the pipeline project?

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