Family Registration Certificate

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An FRC is issued to the person who applied for it to show the structure of the family (by marriage or birth) of the person who is registered with NADRA. National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA). If an individual is not already registered at NADRA and doesn’t have an ID number with 13 numbers the information will not be listed within the FRC.

Family Registration Certificate (FRC)

FRC Family Registration CertificateAn official document, issued by NADRA identifies the nationality of your family as Pakistani and indicates your family’s structure is known as FRC. NADRA FRC refers to NADRA Family Registration Certificate, this document is required at all embassies to demonstrate the connection or relationship via marriage, blood, or adoption when completing visa and other visa procedures. Additionally, this document doesn’t in any way play a significance in any legal process.

Family Registration Certificate from Pakistan

But, who doesn’t want to have the ability to “know it all”? In this guide, we will provide you with the complete details to apply for an FRC Certificate online. With this information, you can complete your family registration process, and assist those who want to understand the proper online procedure for registering their family members in NADRA.

Documents Required for NADRA Family Registration Online

There’s every time more than one method to accomplish something. The same is true for FRC You can obtain it by going to the NADRA registration center or online via the Pak ID portal. The most important documents needed to obtain FRC in both instances are:

The names as well as CNIC numerals of people who are adults

  1. CNIC copies of adult CNIC
  2. CRC in children who are younger than 18 years old
  3. A valid debit or credit card.
  4. Family photos with white backgrounds.

If you have all the documents, you’re ready to go on with the application.

Family Registration Certificate

Importance of NADRA Family Registration Certificate

Suppose you’re considering moving your family members from Pakistan to a foreign destination or applying for higher education abroad and wanting to visit your beloved relatives abroad or even emigrating with your entire family. These aren’t the only situations in which NADRA FRC plays a role. an important role.

Apply Online For Family Registration Certificate


In the early days, the process of obtaining the FRC was very challenging and lengthy, because you had to go to the NADRA registration center in person. And for minors, you needed to bring all of them into the NADRA office. You had to travel. With the advances in technology, NADRA, a leading agency of the government, has also decided to launch the Pack ID, an online web presence for citizens of Pakistan. Through the Pack ID website, you can quickly create an application for FRC online and have it at your doorstep without hassle.

Location Description Contact No
Headquarters e-Saluilat Recharge info 051-90391757
Islamabad e-Sahulat Technical Support
Fax No 051-90393000

Regional Teams

Location Description Contact No
Islamabad Technical Support 051-90392440 051-9203864
Information 051-90392470
Multan Technical Support Information 061-9239572
Lahore Technical Support 042-9239829
Information 042-9239825
Peshawar Technical Support Information 091-9217046
Karachi Technical Support 021-4398291
Information 021-4547017
Quetta Technical Support Information 081-9211736
Faisalabad Technical Support Information 041-9239183
Soldier Technical Support Information 071-5631439

NADRA Call Centre

Islamabad 051-111-786-100
Lahore 042-111-786-100


The cost for a Family Registration Certificate depends on the date you select. If you’re receiving a family registration certificate right away the FRC costs are Rs.1000. For the normal duration of FRC acquisition, the cost amount will be Rs.500 only.

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