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Candidates for the CSS Written exam have to do their best and study by focusing and dedication for them to be able successful in passing their chosen optional topic that is part of European History. You will learn about England’s progress from 1893 until 1910 and constitutional reforms, as well as social and cultural thought. The significance of the European history topic can’t be undervalued. The path towards the First World War, Austro German alliance 1879 as well as the formation of the dual alliances 1891-93, the French British and Russo-British Entente as the root cause of the First world war as well as Balkan crises.

 European History CSS Syllabus PDF Download 2022

 European History CSS Syllabus PDF DownloadIn the second section, you will be studying The First World War and its aftermath, Dictatorships throughout Europe Candidates who are looking to get the highest score on their written CSS tests will need to research various historical periods that pertain to European history. WWII and the impact upon Europe, Post War Europe, Col War Europe and Europe. The essay to be used for European History has a total of 100 marks and is divided into two sections.

European History CSS Paper 2020 – 2022 Download

It will focus on the USA’s admission into war, the choice of Turks, the Balfour declaration, the British middle east policy the defeat of Germany and the effects of the war. The first section begins by examining The Napoleonic Era and the French Revolution (1789 to 1815), The Concert of Europe(1815 until 1830), Forces of Continuity and Change in Europe (1815 until 1848),

European History CSS Syllabus 2022 PDF Download

The Easter Question (1804 to 1856), Unification of Italy, Unification of Germany and The Origins of First World War (1890 until 1914). It also covers the Versailles treaty, a treaty between the US and Versailles Treaty of Trianon and St. German, and the treaty of Lausanne. In the beginning, you will look at the French revolution, discussing its history as well as England’s response to the fall of the monarchy, Poland’s second and third partitions, Terror and the end of Terror.

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The course will also discuss rivalries between the two wars and the causes for failure. Russian revolution, the civil conflict within Russia, the U.S.S.R constitution and Russian foreign policy. Napoleon Bonaparte ascends to the position of emperor, ruler, and statesman, as well as the demise of Napoleon. Learn about the effects of the war on Italy and the fascist movement, Italian foreign policy, the wards, the beginnings of Nazism,

 European History CSS Syllabus PDF Download

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Hitler’s domestic policy in addition to the international policy of Hitler Additionally, you will learn about the Vienna settlement, the first treaty of Paris and the treaty of Vienna in 1848, the demise of the congress system, the effects of the war period, advancement in industry and forces of continuity nationalists, liberalism, democracy, France revolution in 1848 and the sequence of revolutions that followed in Europe.

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European History CSS Syllabus 2022

It will be possible to learn about French constitutional flaws, French foreign policy for conflicts, England’s great depression of 1929, England’s parliamentary administration in 1929, and England its foreign policy. The course will cover the events of the second world war, Tehran, Postdam and Yalta conferences, the victory of the Allies and the effects of the war.

Eastern Question (1820 to 1878) and Union of Italy

Learn about the Greek rebellion leading up to Independence in 1832, The peace treaty of Paris and 1877’s Russo-Turkish War, the treaty of Berlin Italy’s revolutions as well as the creators of Italian unity and Italian Unity and Italy’s foreign policy of 1914. You will also learn about the unification of Germany and the revolutionary movements that took place in Italy and the designers of Italian unification and the foreign policies of Italy, the German revolution of 1848, the rise of bismark Denmark Austra, bismark and France wars, and German policies on foreign affairs from the year 1890 until 1914.

SR Book Title Author Name
1. A History of Modern Europe (1789-1991) H.L. Peacock,
2. A Text Book of European History by Southgate, G.W.
3. Aspects of European History 1789-1980. Stephen J. Lee
4. Development in Russian Politics Stephen White,
5. Europe Since Napoleon Thompson, D.
6. European Union: European politics. Tim Bale.
7. Mastering Modern European History Stuart Miller,
8. Modern Europe in the Making from the French

Revolution to the Common Market

Fasal, G.
9. The Cold War: Ideological Conflict or Power


Normali A. Grabener
10. The Norton History of Modern Europe Gilbert, F.
11. The Origins of the Second World War Taylor, A.J.P.
12. The Rise and Fall of Great Powers. Paul Kennedy.
13. The Struggle for Mastery in Europe: 1848-1918 A.J.P Taylor,
14. The USSR: A Share History Vladimir Polrtayen,

England’s role between wars and 2nd world War

You will also learn about the growth of colonization, British colonial policy, French colonial policy in French North Africa, Anglo-French control in Egypt and Anglo-Russian results of Colonia growth. You will be taught about U.N.O as well as its charter and function as a peacekeeping force. You will be taught about war impacts on Russia, the Warsaw pact, and efforts to increase Russian influence throughout Easer Europe, Africa and Latin America from 1945 to 1960.

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