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Chinese Government Scholarships – China University Program is a program established through the Ministry of Education of China (hereinafter called MOE) to help cultivate extraordinary international talent and increase its perceptions of higher education. To enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese people and those from around the globe, as well also to improve exchanges and cooperation in the areas of science, education, and technology as well as culture,

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chinese government scholarship

To enhance the interaction and understanding between people of China as well as other countries to create outstanding talents from across the world, SCUT offers around 70 scholarship opportunities to full-time postgraduate students in the Chinese government’s scholarship program. Dalian University of Technology (DUT) will provide students with the Chinese Government Scholarship -Chinese University Program for master’s or doctoral degree students from 2022 (not comprising majors in literature or arts other languages than Chinese).

Application Guide for Chinese Government Scholarship

As per the directives of MOE, Zhejiang University is open for applications for full-time postgraduate courses in the 2022 Chinese Government Scholarship -Chinese University Program. This program is administered by the Ministry of Education of P. R. China (MOE) is the one responsible for the administration of Chinese government scholarships and assigns the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to oversee the selection of international students as well as the management routine of Chinese Government Scholarship Programs.

China Scholarship Council and University of Exeter PhD Scholarships


To improve the interaction and understanding between Chinese and other people from China and other nations and to develop internationally-renowned talent SCUT provides around 70 awards to full-time postgraduates under the Chinese government’s scholarship program. This scholarship will only be used to fund graduate programs.


The scholarship period will be three years for master’s degrees or four years for doctoral degrees. Within the duration of the scholarship, those who have been awarded a scholarship will receive a stipend payment from their university of choice every month. Students who sign up before the 15th day of every month will be eligible to receive a complete monthly stipend. Students who register on or after the 15th of the month will be given the half-stipend for the month.

The short-term Scholarship Scheme for Teaching Chinese as a Second Language

Graduating students will be paid a stipend for up to half a month following the date of graduation. Students who wish to enrol in courses taught in Chinese should have a solid knowledge of the Chinese language. If they feel that their Chinese proficiency isn’t up to the requirements of our school for professional development and they must undergo one-year remedial Chinese classes and pass the examination before beginning their studies in their areas of expertise.


Students who are awarded scholarships will get their monthly living allowance upon registration. Students who sign up before the 15th (15th inclusive) of the month in which they registered will receive the entire amount of the allowance for living for the month. Chinese Cultural Research Fellowship Scheme. Students who register after the 15th receive half of the month. After graduation, students will receive an additional living allowance of 15 days following the graduation date that is set in the calendar of their institution.

chinese government scholarship


International students enrolled under the Chinese Government Scholarship Programs are enrolled in the 94 Chinese universities of advanced learning that have been approved as such by MOE. There are more than 300 courses in the fields of sciences and technology, agriculture and medicine, as well as management, economics, law and education, the liberal arts, history, and philosophy that are available to students from abroad in these institutions.

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Selection of Higher Education Institutions and Specialties

For students who are taking one-year remedial Chinese classes The duration of the scholarships will be extended in line with. This agency’s number is Zhejiang University is 10335. The scholarship available for the Chinese University Program is Type B within the CSC system. The program was created by the MOE according to educational trade agreements, or MOUs that were signed between the Chinese government as well as governments from other nations or international organizations.


China has been consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide to study higher. A lot of students have graduated from these institutions and have made steady progress in different industries across the globe. To enhance the educational exchange between China and Pakistan The Chinese Scholarship Council, Govt. of China is providing Pakistani students/scholars with the opportunity to do research and study at Chinese universities.

Chinese Government Scholarship Program

The country also boasts several of the best universities in the world. For the benefit of the Govt. of Pakistan, HEC is nominating the agency for these scholarships during the academic period 2022-23. China Scholarship Council (CSC) which is appointed by the Ministry of Education, The people’s Republic of China is accountable for the admission and administration of the Chinese Government Scholarship Program.

Level Stipend Criteria
Bachelors CNY 2500 RMB/month The student should be a high school graduate
Masters CNY 3000 RMB/month The student should be a Bachelor’s degree holder
PhD CNY 3500 RMB/month The student should be a Master’s degree holder

Official Website: China Scholarships Council

China is generous with its policies regarding education and awards to its students, international and national. The designated Chinese Universities offer a vast range of academic programs including Sciences, Engineering, Agriculture, Economics, Medicine and Legal Studies and Management, Education and Literature, History Philosophy, Fine Arts, etc.

Application Approach and Time

Applicants may apply to Chinese diplomatic missions or local authorities in charge of sending students abroad to their home countries. The application usually starts in January and ends in the middle of April. Scholarships are available to students at all levels. The government wants to enhance education and provide all students with a fair chance to receive an education of high quality that will change their lives and their world. Qualified applicants can apply for scholarships for undergraduate/bachelor, master & doctoral/Ph.D. programs in their respective fields of study.

Categories of Applicants and Duration of Scholarship

Duration of Major Studies Duration of Chinese Duration of Scholarship
Undergraduates 4-5 1-2
Master’s degree students 2-3 1-2
Doctoral degree students 3 1-2
Chinese language students 1-2 N.A.
Visiting Scholars 1-2 1
Senior visiting scholars 1-2 1


The program offers both full and part-time scholarships to international scholars and students. The program allows students to pursue studies in China as postgraduates, undergraduates, Chinese language students, visiting scholars, and senior scholars. Candidates can apply for scholarships through educational authorities and designated institutions, or Chinese diplomats in their country of residence.

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