Tenant Registration Online

Tenants Registration Form by Punjab Police 2023

The majority of people want to go to different Police Stations to get Punjab Police Tenant Registration Form 2023 but Punjab Government has taken immediate action on public concerns and they have introduced an online method. So all operations about […]

AIOU Tutorship Jobs

AIOU Tutorship Jobs 2023

Allama Iqbal Open University Aiou Tutor Jobs 2023 is advertised on its official website and in major papers. The tutoring profession is highly educated and sought-after by students who wish to join Allama Iqbal University as a tutor. The university […]

QIMS Merit List

QIMS Merit List 2023 MBBS BDS

If you want to get admission to the Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences (QIMS), then you need to clear the National University Matriculation and Examination Commission (NUMS MDCAT). This is the only way to get into QIMS and there is […]


Salary Slip Format in Excel

Salary Slip Format in Excel– Salary slips are distributed monthly to employees by their employers. Many employees do not keep track of their pay slips. They throw them away or lose them and never to be recovered. In the article, […]

STS Result

STS Result 2023

STS Results – Candidates are able to examine SIBA Testing Services STS Result 2023, Answer Key as well as the Merit List online at @eslip.sts.net.pk. It is necessary to input your CNIC number to verify your results. We will provide […]

AK Lasbela Game Result

AK Lasbela Game Result 2023

AK Lasbela Result, Grass Market Accra, AK Lasbela Record 2023, #AK Lasbela Game Result 2023, AK Lasbela Star, AK Lasbela, Prize Bod Lasbela, AK Lasbela Result, AK Lasbela 2020, and numerous other details on an everyday basis. They are Daily […]


Sadiq Public School Result 2023

The official announcement of Sadiq Public Schools Result 2023 is here.  To check the 2023 SPS results, please enter your birth date and “00124” or G0012 as well as “00124”. Sadiq Public School, which provides exceptional public school instruction for […]

Best Universities In Islamabad Pakistan

Best Universities in Islamabad Pakistan

We’ve compiled an extensive list of the most prestigious and top universities in Islamabad. This list will allow you to select the right one from them. Each of these institutions is thought to be among the leading institutions in Pakistan. […]

surah yaseen

Surah e Yaseen Read Online

Surah e Yaseen Read Online -The Surah Yaseen Quran can be described as the ultimate talent and blessings from Allah Almighty, who has been bestowed on mankind. In this book, one can discover the answer to any issue and the […]

Surah Fajr

Surah Fajr Read Online

Surah Fajr Read Online Now بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيم وَالۡفَجۡرِۙ‏ ﴿۱﴾ وَلَيَالٍ عَشۡرٍۙ‏ ﴿۲﴾ وَّالشَّفۡعِ وَالۡوَتۡرِۙ‏ ﴿۳﴾ وَالَّيۡلِ اِذَا يَسۡرِ‌ۚ‏ ﴿۴﴾ هَلۡ فِىۡ ذٰلِكَ قَسَمٌ لِّذِىۡ حِجۡرٍؕ‏ ﴿۵﴾ اَلَمۡ تَرَ كَيۡفَ فَعَلَ رَبُّكَ بِعَادٍۙ‏ ﴿۶﴾ اِرَمَ ذَاتِ الۡعِمَادِۙ‏ ﴿۷﴾ الَّتِىۡ […]

king abdulaziz university scholarship

King Abdulaziz University Scholarship 2023

Opportunity circle is available with a fully-funded scholarship to Saudi Arabia. Apply now for the King Abdulaziz Scholarship 2023. All applicants are eligible for the international scholarship. There is no restriction on nationality or gender. King Abdulaziz University Scholarship International students can […]

1st Year Tarjuma Tul Quran Pairing Scheme

1st Year Tarjuma Tul Quran Pairing Scheme 2023 For All Board

1st Year Tarjuma Tul Quran Pairing Scheme 2023 For All Board – Would you like to learn more about the Tarjuma Tul Quran Pairing Scheme for the First Year of 2023? You’ll find the information you need here. You don’t […]

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