Biology Class 12 Pairing Scheme 2023

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Are you searching for the 2nd year Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 session? This is the right place. Here is the pairing scheme for 12th-class Biology that can be beneficial for all boards in Punjab. Including BISE Lahore, Multan board, Board of Intermediate & Secondary Education, Gujranwala, Sahiwal board, Sargodha board, Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dera Ghazi Khan Faisalabad Board, and BISE Jammu Kashmir. Download the 2nd year scheme for papers 2023 online or read it in the paper.

2nd Year Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 | Punjab Boards

Biology Class 12 Pairing SchemeBiology is an extremely important subject. It is a science-related subject and must be completed to become a doctor. Students who choose to study Biology in Intermediate will receive many advantages from this page. There are several universities in Pakistan offering MBBS degrees.

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We also offer the entire medical university admission information for 2022 online in this article. You should bookmark this page so that you can keep updated with the information on the most recent update regarding educational opportunities in Pakistan.

12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 All Punjab Board-2023

The paper scheme aims to help students. They can comprehend the format of the paper through this and can therefore be capable of focusing on the most crucial chapters and questions. This is why we have the 2nd year Biology Pairing Scheme 2023.

Biology Class 12 Pairing Scheme

2nd Year/12th Biology Pairing Scheme 2023

In The 2nd Year Biology Paper Scheme 2023 students will have the opportunity to devote more time to the topics included within the 12th Class Biology Pairing Scheme 2023 to prepare better for the annual examinations. When preparing for exams, many students worry about the syllabus and get top scores.

Multiple Choice Questions Pairing Scheme

Chapter# 16  2 Mcqs
Chapter# 15  2 Mcqs
Chapter# 17  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 19  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 18  2 Mcqs
Chapter# 20  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 22  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 21  2 Mcqs
Chapter# 23  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 25  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 24  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 26  1 Mcqs
Chapter# 27  1 Mcqs

12th Class Biology Paper Scheme All Punjab Boards

In this sense bio peering in the 2nd year 2023 assists students to follow the SMART Syllabus however, students are advised to concentrate on the entire subjects covered by the curriculum. Despite the efforts made by the authors.

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Short Questions Pairing Scheme 2023

Question #2: (Attempt Any 8 Questions)

Chapter # 16, Short Questions  3
Chapter # 15, Short Questions  3
Chapter # 23, Short Questions  2
Chapter # 27, Short Questions  2
Chapter # 26, Short Questions  2

Question #3: (Attempt Any 8 Questions)

Chapter # 22, Short Questions  3
Chapter # 17, Short Questions  3
Chapter # 22, Short Questions  3
Chapter # 25, Short Questions  3

Question #4: (Attempt Any 6 Questions)

Chapter # 20, Short Questions  3
Chapter # 19, Short Questions  2
Chapter # 24, Short Questions  2
Chapter # 21, Short Questions  2

Long Questions (Attempt Any 3 Questions Out of 5)

Q#5 (A) Chapter 16  (B) Chapter 20
Q#6 (A) Chapter 15  (B) Chapter 25
Q#7 (A) Chapter 17  (B) Chapter 27
Q#8 (A) Chapter 19  (B) Chapter 24
Q#9 (A) Chapter 18  (B) Chapter 22

Pairing Scheme 2023 2nd Year

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