Baitulmal Scholarship 2023

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Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal is offering scholarships to deserving students taking admission to any government college or university. All eligible students can apply for financial aid by downloading the form and submitting it through the head of the institution free of charge. For any query, students may contact the Student Affairs Department/Financial Aid Offices of their institutions.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship Form

Bait-ul-Mal ScholarshipPakistan Bait-ul-Mal PBM is an autonomous public institution created by the law of 1991 Act to offer financial aid to widows orphans, those in need, the vulnerable, the poor, and the in need. It assists through a variety of methods and programs like those under the Pakistan Baitul Mal Scholarship Program. With this award, the students can receive financial aid, education aid, etc.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship 2023-24 Apply Online

This scholarship is granted for a semester or a year and the award will be valid until the next year or semester if the student can successfully finish the current semester. If a student fails any of the subjects is not eligible to receive the Pakistan Bait ul Mal Scholarship next time around.

Pakistan Bait ul Mal Scholarship 2023 Last Date

وہ طلباء جو اس اسکالرشپ پروگرام کے لیے اپلائی کرتے ہیں اگر وہ کسی ایک مضمون میں فیل ہوتے ہیں اور مستقبل میں اسکالرشپ حاصل نہیں کر پائیں گے تو انہیں اسکالرشپ بھی مل جاتی ہے۔ ہر وہ شخص جو پاکستان بیت المال کے معیار کے مطابق ہے اس اسکالرشپ کے لیے درخواست دینے کی اجازت ہے۔ اس مضمون میں، آپ پاکستان بیت المال اسکالرشپ کے بارے میں جانیں گے۔

Eligibility Criteria

  1. The most deserving students who are studying at any educational institution can apply for this award.
  2. Applications must be submitted to the Chair of the Committee at the school that the student is in.
  3. The details of the student’s situation will be made available to the institution’s chairperson committee.
  4. The application must be made in the name of MD Baitul Mal of Pakistan Baitul Mal along with an original copy of CNIC.
  5. When a student falls less than 18 years old In this instance he is required to submit the parent’s form-B or CNIC.
  6. It is a requirement for students to have a completed bonafide certification at the school where the student is in.
  7. A bonafide certificate should be submitted along with the application form.
  8. Cutting or overwriting on Bonafide Certificate is not accepted.
  9. A valid educational certificate and fee slip of the institution and the details are also required to be provided.

Pakistan Bait ul Mal

Pakistan Bait ul Mal Scholarship 2023-2024 Last Date

The deadline for the Pakistan Bait ul Mal Scholarship 2023 will be announced shortly and after that, the application will not be considered by the administrative department. Therefore, interested applicants are encouraged to apply before the closing date.

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship Apply Online

Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship 2023-2024 Application Form:

Eligible students could be eligible to apply to be considered for Pakistan Baitul Mal Scholarship 2023. The application form is available at for free. After downloading the application form, fill in the application form, and confirm it with the institution of your choice. Then, you need to obtain a genuine certificate that you must complete through your educational institution.

Criteria/How to apply

Download Form

Disable Person Criteria
Pakistan Thalassemia Centre Criteria
Pakistan Sweet Home Criteria
Hepatitis C Patients Criteria
Surgical Patients Criteria
Artificial Limbs Criteria
Cancer Patients Criteria
Heart Patients Criteria
Hearing Aids Criteria
General Medicine Criteria
Detail of Estimates Criteria
Education Assistance Criteria

Bait-ul-Mal Scholarship 2023-2024 Apply Now

If you don’t provide any documentation, such as CNIC or education certificate or another, in this case, the application will not be taken into consideration. The applicants could submit applications to be considered for Pakistan Baitul Mal Scholarship 2023 since it is currently open and will close in the next some days. They have not yet announced the closing date for submitting applications.

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Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal  Contact Info:

  • Address: Street No: 7, Sector: H، 8/4، H 8/4 H-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory
  • Phone: 0800 666 66
  • Website:


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