Atlantic Immigration Program

The Atlantic Immigration Program is designed to attract newcomers to Canada. Atlantic Canada region to fill the demands of local employers and communities. The program permits designated local employers to discover as well as recruit and retain international talent. It also has the goal of facilitating the growth of populations, creating an experienced workforce, as well as growing employment within the region.  If a designated employer discovers someone who fits their needs for employment and the guidelines of the program, the employer must first give them the job.

Atlantic Immigration Program

Atlantic Immigration Program It continues to grant permanent residency to thousands of new immigrants each year.  Employers do not have to undergo the process of getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).The AIP has been proven to be a significant success for employers, immigrants as well as those in the Atlantic region.

Atlantic Immigration Program: How to Apply

Every applicant who is accepted to Canada as part of the program has to receive a job offer from an employer that is designated and have an individual settlement plan for the applicant and their family.

Immigrate through the Atlantic Immigration Program: Who can apply

If the applicant accepts the job offer and the employer has accepted the offer, they will refer the candidate to the designated settlement service provider company for a needs assessment and the development of the settlement plan. Employers will also assist with the long-term integration of the immigrants as well as their family members to help them achieve the objectives that their settlement plans have after they are in Canada.

Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP): How to find a job offer

Employers who need to fill a position quickly can apply for an interim work permit to ensure that the applicant and their family can be brought to Canada whenever they can. To get the work permit, applicants must: First launched in the year 2017 in 2017, the Atlantics Immigration Programs (AIP) has welcomed more than 10,000 permanent citizens in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Immigration Program

Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP): A Step-by-step process to getting the nomination

Four Canadian provinces four provinces – New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, and Prince Edward Island – together comprise Atlantic Canada. Based on the successes of the pilot program, Atlantic Immigrations Pilot Programs was made permanent on December 17, 2021. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was extended to permanent status on December 17 2021 and changed its name to Atlantics Immigrations Programs.

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What is The Atlantic Immigration Program?

The permanent program was officially launched on January 1, 2022. It is known as the Atlantics Immigrations Programs is a kind of immigration program that permits companies in Atlantic provinces in Canada to employ immigrants to fill positions. It is also possible to apply for permanent residency through this program.

Who can apply under Canada’s Atlantic Immigration Program?

In the context of the Atlantic Growth Strategy, the Atlantic Immigrations Programs (AIP) is designed to meet gaps in labor supply within areas of Canadian Atlantic provinces, which include: New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia as well as Newfoundland as well as Labrador. Learn details about AIP. For the last five years of your eligibility, you must have completed at least 1,560 hours.

Do I have to be in Canada when applying for the AIP?

This is the number of hours you’d have spent in a year if you worked 30 hours a week. For calculating your hours, the program aids businesses across Atlantic Canada to recruit qualified applicants for positions they haven’t been able to fill in the region. Candidates can be from living outside Canada or living in the maple leaves country temporarily as residents.

Number of family members (including those supported by the applicant, even if they are not included on the application) Funds required
1 $3,303
2 $4,112
3 $5,055
4 $6,138
5 $6,962
6 $7,852
7 or more $8,742
Each additional family member $890

Eligibility for the Atlantic Immigration Program

After receiving a job offer from Atlantic Canada, there are many steps that job seekers must complete. If, as a candidate, you meet all requirements then you can make an application for the PR designation within Canada. New Atlantic Immigrations Programs (AIP) is replacing the former Atlantic Immigrations Pilot Programs (AIPP). Candidates can now submit their application for permanent residence to the new program.

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