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Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU 2023 Result for BA Spring Semester, Associate Degree in Commerce, ADE (2 Years), AD in Islamic Banking, AD in HRM, and AD in Marketing declared on Sunday 26th March 2023 at 03:00 PM It will be done at Allama Iqbal Open University Result 2022 by the Roll No. Matric FA BA MA, BCOM, MCOM, BSC, MSC, B.Ed., BSc Nursing, and many more courses. Spring and Fall Find the results online. Please Enter Roll Number: NOTE: Enter Roll No. (e.g. L572059) (e.g. L572059), choose the program you want to use and submit. result 2022 card download pdf.

AIOU Result 21-22-23

AIOU ResultAllama Iqbal Open University Result by Roll No. 2023 Matriculation, 9th, 10th Class FA, BA, B.Ed., M.Ed., MA, B.Sc. Nursing, ATTC, BCOM, MCOM, B.Sc., M.Sc., B.Sc. Nursing Bachelor, Master, Undergraduate Post Graduate, Doctoral, and Master programs are accessible online here. Semester Fall/Spring 2023 Result Information Click on the preferred link below and then look up your score effortlessly.

This page provides information on what are the AIOU Results for 2022. This is what the AIOU has released to its regular and private students in the places they provide in their residences and schools of education.

AIOU Result 2023 By Roll Number Result 2023

علامہ اقبال اوپن یونیورسٹی کے نتائج (موجودہ اور پچھلے)، سمسٹر وار تفصیل (پچھلے نتائج)، اور سمسٹر خزاں بہار 2023 کی مکمل تاریخ یہاں آن لائن چیک کریں۔ رول نمبر 2023 میٹرک، 9ویں، 10ویں جماعت کے ایف اے، بی اے، بی ایڈ، ایم ایڈ، ایم اے، بی ایس سی نرسنگ، اے ٹی ٹی سی، بی سی او ایم، ایم سی او ایم، بی ایس سی، ایم ایس سی، کے ذریعے AIOU نتیجہ دیکھنے کے لیے براہ کرم ملاحظہ کریں۔  بی ایس سی نرسنگ، انڈرگریجویٹ بیچلر، ماسٹر، اور پوسٹ گریجویٹ۔ جب علامہ اقبال اوپن یونیورسٹی (AIOU) نے 2022-23 میٹرک، ایف اے، بی اے، ایم اے کے نئے نتائج کا اعلان کیا تو ہر طالب علم گوگل پر سرچ کر رہا ہے۔ اسائنمنٹ مارکس کے ساتھ حتمی نتائج کا اعلان جلد ہی یہاں کیا جائے گا۔

AIOU Old Result

AIOU میٹرک اور ایف اے کے نتائج آن لائن چیک کریں: AIOU میٹرک اور ایف اے کے نتائج کے اعلان کے منتظر تمام طلباء کو مطلع کیا جاتا ہے کہ علامہ اقبال اوپن یونیورسٹی نے آج 8 دسمبر 2022 کو میٹرک کے نتائج اور ایف اے کے نتائج کا اعلان کیا ہے۔ تمام کامیاب امیدواروں کو مبارکباد۔ اور ہمارے ساتھ جڑے رہیں۔

AIOU Result by Roll No 2023 Matric, FA, BA, MA

Aiou outcome 2022 with a name or roll number is also available here. The previous results are listed in the table, for each class. Click on the check results button in the center of your course to view your entire results. AIOU Results based on roll number BA is expected to be announced shortly here. Students can get an education at AIOU as regular and private students. Students can search for desired course results using the method below as described below.

Allama Iqbal Open University Result 2023

علامہ اقبال اوپن یونیورسٹی(AIOU) نے اس تعلیمی سال 2023 کے نتائج جاری کر دیے ہیں۔ AIOU کی ویب سائٹ AIOU نے اس تعلیمی سال کے دوران سے ڈگریاں حاصل کرنے والے طلباء کے نام اور رول نمبر جاری کر دیے ہیں۔ نتائج اس لنک کے ذریعے حاصل کیے جا سکتے ہیں۔

Allama Iqbal Open University Result by Roll Number 2023

It covers all inquiries before this one (spring 2002 through spring 2020) about the Matric/F.A. Results (Semester spring 2022 result). By using the information provided by your AIOU Results by Roll number, Code of Course, and Name, you can check results (Semester Spring 2022 AIOU results.

AIOU Result by Roll Number 2023

Secondary school certificate (SSC) 9th and 10th grades, as well as high school diplomas (HSSC) 11t, 12t BA, BSc, B. Com, and BCS annual exams in November and December, as per the date sheet/schedules are the majority of students studying for these examinations.

Allama Iqbal Open University Result 2021 BA

AIOU Results based on the roll number BA are expected to be announced shortly here. Students can get an education at AIOU as regular and private students to search results for their desired courses using the below procedure below.

Allama Iqbal Open University Result 2022 By Roll Number

AIOUReviewing Open University Results by Roll Number. How to access the AIOU website for more details? Select the AIOU Results for 2022 on the results tab. By entering your roll number, you can see your score.

AIOU Result

AIOU Result by Roll Number 2023 Matric FA BA

Similar to the one we have here like here, as here, the AIOU Islamabad authority site may be used by any person who wants to check the previous results. From 2002 until 2022 We’ve included a direct link so that you can check out how things have changed. If there are any recent developments regarding AIOU, keep an eye on this site.

AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University ssc part 2 Result 2023 Result

3 10th Class Check Results
2 9th Class Check Results
6 ADP Check Results
15 ATTIC Check Results
13 B.Ed Check Results
5 BA Check Results
11 BS Check Results
10 BSc Check Results
4 FA Check Results
9 M.Com Check Results
14 M.Ed Check Results
19 M.Phil Check Results
7 MA Check Results
1 Matric Check Results
16 MBA Check Results
12 MS Check Results
8 MSc Check Results
20 P.hD Programs Check Results
17 Postgraduate Check Results
18 Postgraduate Diploma Check Results

How to Check Allama Iqbal Open University Result Online?

  1. Visit the Allama Iqbal Open Universities’ official website.
  2. Choose Student Corner from the drop-down menu.
  3. Click on Current Student and then Select Results in the drop-down menu.
  4. Then, select your year and course by selecting your dropdown menu.
  5. Input your personal information including the name of your child, the roll number, and birth date.
  6. To help you in the future You can also print the AIOU Results 2023.

AIOU Admission 2023

AIOU Contact Number & Email

Address: 2 Ashfaq Ahmed Rd, H-8/2 H 8/2 H-8, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000
Phone: (051) 111 112 468
Email: [email protected]


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