AIOU Degree Tracking 2022

AIOU Degree Tracking 2022 AIOU Degree Tracking System-  You can examine the status of your degree on the internet service of AIOU. Allama Iqbal Open University Degree Tracking System (DTS) is designed to aid students who want to see the status of their degree, the date it was issued, and the place it was received. the details are available on Join the aiou degree tracking Allama Iqbal Open University has sent out its aiou degree tracking AIOU DTS the help students in the underclass who have to complete their degree from this institution at any time and then apply for their declarations and certificates, but have not yet been able to accept their certificates in their homes.  aiou degree tracking.

AIOU Degree Tracking System

AIOU Degree Tracking System

AIOU DTS is a Degree Tracking System Online developed by Allama Iqbal University Islamabad that provides you with complete access to information about your progress in your education and requirements for the various programs offered by AIOU. These credentials are extremely useful, however, their price is rising. Allama Iqbal Open University has offered degrees to people for many years, and this year, they’re launching a version that makes things easier. aiou degree tracking.

AIOU Degree Tracking System Online Check Location

Verification of degrees is required for AIOU is a long process that will be discussed within this post. With this page, you can learn about his procedure and her application. The service was launched under the name “AIOU DEGREE TRACKING SYSTEM (DTS)” which is an incredible effort by Allama Iqbal Open University to aid students who completed their final degree, and who have to pay fees that are not normally charged. aiou degree tracking.

AIOU Degree Tracking System Online Check Location

The majority of degrees are sent to the address of the student however if they have not yet received their degrees and are concerned about the situation of their degree, then DTS is the right choice for them. So, here we’ll show the complete process to track your certificate application submission application through your home. aiou degree tracking. Degree Tracking System 2022 is the latest degree tracking system for Pakistan by the Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. Students who have passed must wait 2 to three weeks after submitting their application for the Allama Iqbal open university or sanad so they can have it stamped and confirmed. aiou degree tracking.

AIOU Degree Tracking System

How to Know AIOU Degree Tracking Location Status

Then, they’ll mail it to the address you gave to the university. It’s a new technology that was developed to coordinate the people who don’t have to worry if their AIOU Sanad has not been received. You can enter the ID of her Degree Tracking or Roll number to obtain the most recent information regarding the degree tracker. Copy and paste the link above into your browser to open the appropriate page. aiou degree tracking.

Apply Online

AIOU Degree Tracking 2022

AIOU Degree Tracking 2022 In the end, these instructions were mentioned for concerns or questions, guidelines for submitting an objection in Urdu to AIOU degree/PRC/DMS Issue Process: There are a variety of reasons for why a degree is not received. We will provide an entire aid venture in steps. College degrees are an essential element of many job applications, with the majority of opportunities needing the requisite degree. aiou degree tracking.

AIOU DTS – Degree Tracking System Online

AIOU Degree Tracking 2022 This article will guide you with making your resume and application to the school that you like even if you are at your home. Without this step, it’ll be difficult to secure a job or to benefit from your degree. Visit the official website to verify the AIOU degree tracking status online. aiou degree tracking.

Degree Form for All Programs

AIOU Degree Delivery Tracking

The same DTS procedure applies to all degree programs. AIOU DTS 2022’s latest understudies such as Matriculation, transitional single-person, ace, including 9th tenth classes, FA, ICS, ICOM, DCOM, FSC, BA, BBA, BSC, BCOM, B.Ed, MA, MBA, MCOM, M.Ed, PHIL, Ph.D.aiou degree tracking.

Sr.NO Description Action
1. Address: Click Here
2. B.Form / CNIC: Click Here
3. Bank Name: Click Here
4. Date Of Birth (Matric Only): Click Here
5. Date Of Dispatch: Click Here
6. DD/Challan Number: Click Here
7. Father’s Name: Click Here
8. Fee Amount (Rs.): Click Here
10. Fee: Urgent Fee or Normal paid (status will show) Click Here
11. Mobile Number: Click Here
12. PC / Degree Number: Click Here
13. PRC Dy No: Click Here
14. Ref No: Click Here
15. Registration No: Click Here
16. Registry Number: Click Here
17. Roll No: Click Here
18. Updated: (here you see the date and time of information updated) Click Here Degree Tracking System 2022

The following article will give you a glimpse into the subject of who holds degrees and why they aren’t always accepted in our current society. After completing Allama Iqbal Open University’s course, you need to obtain a degree from them and prove it. aiou degree tracking.


AIOU Degree Section Contact Number

Postal Address: Registrar’s Department, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad.

Phone: 051-9250025

Fax: 9250026

Email: [email protected]


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