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Aga Khan Online Report 2022 You can check Aga Khan Lab Report OnlineCheck Aga Khan Lab Report Online – The Aga Khan University Hospital Clinical laboratories are a well-known and reliable of information in Pakistan. They provide their patients with modern laboratories that are well-equipped and permit patients to access Aga Khan Laboratory reports from the comfort of their homes. The Aga Khan Lab was founded in 1985 as the main educational site of Aga Khan University’s (AKUH) Faculty of Health Sciences.

Aga Khan Online Report 2022 Check Online

Aga Khan Online Report 2022 Methods to Access Aga Khan Medical Reports Online The process to look up Aga Khan Lab’s report of tests online is simple. To access the Aga Khan Lab reports online, you need to follow a few steps listed on this page. This list of prices is revised regularly throughout the couple of decades, and the current version coming out in 2022.

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This huge collection is full of Aga Khan Lab’s research reports and has been created to provide you with the ease of reviewing your reports from an environment that is comfortable for you in your own home or your office. Follow this easy process to reduce your time and receive the most reliable results when you check on the internet for Aku Lab Reports.

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Advanced If we talk of the Aga Khan Labs and Collection Centers in Pakistan You will find them in every major city. The network includes more than 270 Clinical Laboratories in over 128 cities, with over twenty-five Medical Centers serving across Pakistan.

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Through these labs, you can quickly get a physical copy of the report you received from your test. If you’re looking for the Aga Khan Laboratory Test Price list 2022 then you have come to the right website. This page will provide you with a list of prices for blood tests that are performed by the Agha Khan Hospital Lab.

How to check the Aga Khan Lab report online?

Aga Khan Laboratory is famous throughout Pakistan for its application of cutting-edge technology for blood tests as well as other tests. This is why the Aga Khan Laboratory competes with other labs in Pakistan because of its cutting-edge technology. Today, the majority of people choose just two or three labs to examine their patients.

Aga Khan Laboratory Online Report Check

One of them is Aga Khan Laboratory, the third one is Shaukat Khan Laboratory, and the third one is Chughtai Laboratory. It is now possible to make reservations for all your Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory tests online with InstaCare. We offer simple medical testing services for patients. It is not just possible to find Aga Khan University Hospital Laboratory test prices, as well as other details but also book laboratory tests in a couple of clicks.

Aga Khan Online Report 2022

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After you’ve booked, just wait for the confirmation phone of our agent who will provide you with full details and then confirm the test. The Aga Khan laboratory provides various tests and services for the general public for the cost. The list of prices for these services is accessible on the website of the lab and applies to different regions in Pakistan.

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Aga Khan Lab Test Price List 2022

The services offered by the lab inclblood test sets, genetic testing, and prenatal testing. Certain tests might have particular specifications to be conducted which include having to fast for a set amount of time before examining with blood. It is the Aga Khan Laboratory located in Pakistan is a renowned diagnoscentrenter offering top-quality tests at reasonable prices.

Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates 2022 in Pakistan

This Aga Khan Diagnostic Center provides many tests which include urine tests, blood tests, and X-rays. It is the only Aga Khan Lab accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) and is among the few labs located in Pakistan which is accredited by the CAP.

aga khan online report 2022
Laboratory Test Lab Test Price
Blood Culture Rs. 1500
Stool D/R (SDRC) Rs.650
CBC ESR Platelets Rs. 710
Liver Function Test Rs.1650
Thyroid Profile Rs. 2520
Blood Urea Nitrogen Rs.600
Anti Thyroid Peroxidase Rs. 750
Anti HCV Rs.2400
TSH Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Rs. 1050
Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Rs.1300
Urine pH Rs. 220
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Rs.1600
Uric Acid Rs. 540
Fasting Glucose Rs. 320
Serum Iron Rs.850
Random Glucose Rs. 320
TIBC Rs.800
Glucose Tolerance Test/ Glucose Challenge Test Rs. 480
Lipid Profile Rs.2250
CSF Glucose Rs. 280
LDH Rs.600
Abo Blood Group RH Factor Rs. 560
Complete Blood Count Rs.700
Autopsy Rs. 11360
Large Autopsy Rs. 3280
Direct Coombs Test Rs.680
Water Culture Rs. 320
Widal Rs. 930
PTH Rs.2700
White Blood Count Rs. 2650
X Rs.6200
Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody Rs. 1960
Fasting Insulin Rs.4000
Thalassemia by PCR Rs. 26480
Free Androgen Index Rs.3400
Thalessemia PCR in Bloog Rs. 15130
Anti-TPO Rs.1000
Triglyceride Rs. 480
Magnesium Test Rs.1100
Dengue IgM Rs. 1760
HepC AB Rs.2500
Dengue Rapid NS1 Antigen Rs. 1760
Vitamin B12 Rs.2000
Malaria Parasite Rs. 560
RBC Folate Rs.2000
Malaria Antigen Rs. 1060
Fasting Glucose Rs.500
Serum Calcium Rs.650
Magnesium Rs.1100
Serum Uric Acid Rs.700

Aga Khan Laboratory Test Rates 2022

This Aga Khan Laboratory has several payment options, such as credit cards, cash, as well as debit cards. They also accept debit and credit cards. Aga Khan Laboratory provides online booking options for convenience. You can make an appointment via the web anddiallingling directly at the Aga Khan Lab hotline.


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