9701 Syllabus 2022

It builds on the skills acquired at Cambridge IGCSE (or comparable) level. The program incorporates the principal theories that are fundamental in the field, a few current applications of science, and a strong emphasis on the latest functional skills. The essential abilities are reviewed in a reasonable and time-tabled assessment. The focus is on the understanding of concepts and the application of scientific ideas in new environments, in addition to the security of knowledge. The course stimulates creative thinking and critical thinking skills that can be applied to any future career path.

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9701 Syllabus 2022Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry is a great choice for students who wish to take on the science field or a variety of subjects related to it at college or pursue an occupation in the sciences. O’Levels Academy has an excellent Guide, Syllabus Specification, and other materials for Chemistry-9701. In addition, you will get past papers and notes for Chemistry-9701. Everything on this website is free and organized in a very convenient format.


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The content here is free of charge and provided in the most user-friendly manner to ensure that you do not face any difficulties. This page includes the CIE AS/A level Chemistry Syllabus(9701) for students around the globe, to help them understand their specifics. Teachers and students are asked to follow the subjects covered in the syllabus. Students in need of any type of assistance, please be in touch with us.

9701 Syllabus 2022

Chemistry (9701).pdf – Syllabus Cambridge International AS

We offer a variety of help so teachers can provide their students with the best preparation for Cambridge programs and certifications. For teachers in the registered Cambridge schools, materials for support for specific syllabuses are accessible through our School Support Centre (username and password are required). Teachers should refer to the environmental, social technological, economic, and other aspects of chemistry whenever possible throughout the course.



There are some examples in the syllabus. Teachers should encourage students to apply the ideas of these instances to other scenarios introduced in the course. The syllabus for practical skills can be found in the section for assessment of practical skills. Teachers must ensure that students are well-prepared for the evaluation of both the theoretical learning outcomes and expectations in the practical.


This syllabus offers you the ability to create an educational program that is designed to attract learners and stimulates and challenge your students. When appropriate, you are accountable for deciding on the appropriate situations, examples, and resources that will aid your learners to study. They should be suitable for the age of the student and cultural background, as well as the learning environment, as well as in line with the school’s policies and local laws.

Cambridge International AS and A Level Chemistry (9701)

Nomenclature Signs, symbols, and abbreviations that are used in exam papers will be by the guidelines that are in the ASE publication Signs, Symbols and Systematics (The ASE Companion to 16-19 Science 2000) However, the conventional names of sulfite, nitrite sulfur trioxide and sulfurous acids and Nitrous Acid are employed. Sulfur and all sulfur-containing compounds are spelt with an instead of ph.


Candidates are expected to adhere to the convention when answering. Units in practical work candidates are expected to utilize SI units, or, if appropriate, units that have been approved by the BIPM to be used in conjunction with an SI (e.g. minute).


A listing of SI units and units that are approved to use in conjunction with the SI can be located inside the SI brochure available at www.bipm.org It is important to note that the use of customary and imperial units like the inch or degree Fahrenheit is unacceptable and should be avoided.

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9701 syllabus 2022

For all exams, when data is provided to answer questions, the candidates must make use of units that correspond with the units they are provided and they should not attempt to convert to different units unless that is required by the exam. Note Special considerations for units and the significance of factors. Decimal markers As per the current ASE convention the decimal markers used in exam exams will have a single dot along the line.

9700 Syllabus 2022

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