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Are you looking for the 2nd year Pak Study Pairing Scheme 2023 online? This is the place for you. The pairing scheme for the 12th-class Pak Study has been uploaded. It can be used equally by all Punjab boards. They include the Multan Board and Multan Boards, Gujranwala Boards, Sahiwal Boards, Sargodha Boards, Sargodha Boards, DG Khan Boards, Faisalabad Boards, and BISE Jammu- Kashmir. The 2nd year paper scheme 2023 can be downloaded online.

12th Class Pak studies Pairing Scheme 2023 Punjab Boards

2nd Year Scheme of Pak Study

Each subject of Class XII is assigned a separate Paper Scheme. Every year, the authorities issue a Paper Scheme. Candidates are advised to review the current scheme and prepare accordingly. . Candidates can easily check the peer scheme for the 2nd Year 2023 using the smart syllabus from Edupro.pk.

2nd Year Pak Study Scheme 2023

The pairing scheme or paper scheme is supposed to be beneficial for students. This allows them to identify the pattern of the question paper, and focus on the most important chapters and questions. The new syllabus for Pakistan Studies includes six chapters. Here is the updated pattern for 2nd year Pak Study Paper 2023.

2nd Year Pak Studies Paper Scheme for All Punjab Boards 2023

12ویں جماعت کے سالانہ امتحانات کے انعقاد سے پہلے، طلباء کو جوڑی بنانے کی اسکیم فراہم کی جاتی ہے تاکہ وہ امتحانات کی تیاری کے مرحلے کے دوران اس سے مدد لے سکیں۔ امیدواروں کے لیے 12ویں کلاس کی پیپر پیئرنگ سکیم جاری کر دی گئی ہے اور وہ آنے والے امتحانات کی تیاری کر سکتے ہیں۔ جوڑا بنانے کی اسکیم پیش کرنے کی بڑی وجہ طلباء کو سہولت فراہم کرنا اور انہیں 12ویں کلاس کے نصاب میں شامل ابواب سے سوالات کی تقسیم کے بارے میں اپ ڈیٹ کرنا ہے۔

2nd year Pak study paper scheme 2023 Punjab boards

This platform allows candidates to search for Pak Studies Peering Scheme. Candidates can also view peer-to–peer schemes for other subjects based on their study group. Students of all intermediate study groups, including Science, Arts, and Humanities, can use the pairing scheme. Keep checking edcateweb.com to see the most recent information and updates about Peering Scheme 2nd Year 2023 Pak Studies.

Download Online

12th Class Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2023 | 2024

It provides information on the paper format to help students prepare for the exams. Students preparing for 12th-class examinations should also be familiar with the Punjab Boards syllabus 2023. This scheme is essential for them.

2nd Year Pak Study Pairing Scheme 2023 | All Punjab Boards

12th Class Pak Studies Pairing Scheme 2022 Punjab Board


Chapter MCQs
Chapter 12 02
Chapter 13 01
Chapter 14 02
Chapter 15 02
Chapter 16 02
Chapter 17 01
Chapter 18 02
Chapter 19 02
Chapter 20 01
Chapter 21 02

SHORT QUESTIONS                    SECTION   -1                           Marks:24

Q.2Attempt 6 out of 9 (Marks-12)

Chapter No.  of Question
 1 2
 2 1
3 2
4 2
5 1
Corona Virus        1

Q.3Attempt 6 out of  9   (Marks-12)

Chapter                      No. of  Question
6 2
7 2
8 1
 9 1
10 1
11 2

LONG QUESTION:(Attempt 2 out of 3)      SECTION – II                       Total Marks:  16

Q. NO. 4 Chapter No. Q. NO. 5 Chapter No. Q. NO. 6 Chapter No.
Marks-8 1  OR  2 Marks-8 4   OR    5 Marks -8 6 OR 8 OR 9

2nd Year Pak Study Paper Scheme

The 12th grade Pakistan studies consist of six chapters. In the final exam for the PS paper scheme 2023, there will be MCQs, exercise questions, and additional questions. Preparing according to the pairing scheme makes it easier to deal with the difficult subject of 12th Pakistani study. Candidates are encouraged to practice answering questions as part of the exercise in order to better understand the concepts.

5th Class Result 2022


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